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How Speech Analytics Can Reduce Costs & Improve Contact Center Efficiency (Case Study Examples)

CallMiner speech analytics helps organizations across industries reduce costs & improve contact center efficiency. Read more about how with our case study examples.

Speech Analytics: A Game-Changer for Immediate & Relevant Agent Coaching Opportunities

How are CallMiner customers using speech technology to offer ongoing training and support to agents? Find out in our latest blog post.

3 Ways Outsourced Call Centers Can Improve the Hiring and Onboarding Process

Research shows outsourced contact centers are on the rise. Take a look at 3 ways your BPO can improve the hiring and onboarding process to get the rig...

Improving “Avoidance” Behavior to Reduce Absenteeism

What are some strategies call centers can take to curb agent “avoidance” behavior and reduce absenteeism? Take a look at a few different approaches.

Compliance Analytics: Effectively Gathering and Making Use of Compliance Related Data

Using speech analytics to improve the compliance of your call center can save you money and help you avoid fines

Big Picture: What Is Contact Center Analytics?

Learn how contact center analytics can help develop the big picture of customer interactions and improve the customer experience. Read more.

5 Reasons Your Call Center Should Be Using Cross-Channel Interaction Analytics

Learn 5 reasons why your call center should be using cross-channel interaction analytics to improve the customer experience. Read more.

4 Customer Experience Questions Your Contact Center Must Answer

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to delivering a positive customer experience, but asking these 4 questions can help you get started.

Say what? 3 ways sentiment analysis can help uncover your brand’s reputation

What can companies do to take actionable steps to improve the customer experience? Here are 3 ways sentiment analysis can uncover your company’s reput...

Sarcasm in the Call Center? Yeah, right.

Sarcasm is notoriously difficult for both humans and machines to detect and even though most companies are concerned about it, they shouldn't be.

What Can Companies Do to Mitigate Risk in the Contact Center? [Resource Guide]

It's critical for companies to mitigate risk in the contact center. The following CallMiner resource guide offers tips & suggestions of how to do it.

How Can Contact Center Analytics Help Agents Improve Performance?

Contact center analytics evaluate agent performance in real time, leading to improved performance across a variety of areas. Here’s a look at how.

3 Ways to Increase Agent Job Satisfaction in the Call Center

Attracting & retaining the right kind of talent in the call center can be a tricky business. Here are 3 steps to increase agent job satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Speech Analytics for Postsecondary Education (CallMiner Examples)

Enrollment at for-profit institutions makes up 12% of all postsecondary students. Here’s how speech analytics can help your call center drive complian...

3 Quick, Easy Ways to Diffuse a Customer Call Gone Wrong

What are some of the best ways for call center agents to diffuse customer calls gone wrong? Here’s a look at 3 best practices.

5 Ways to Deliver Constructive (and Motivating) Feedback to Your Sales Team

Take a look at 5 ways to deliver constructive (and motivating) feedback to your sales teams, improving agent performance and the customer experience.

How to Provide Multi-Channel Customer Support in Today’s Digital Era [Resource Guide]

CallMiner resource guide on how to provide multi-channel customer support in today’s digital era.

3 Reasons Why It’s Important to See Results from Speech Analytics – and Fast

Take a look at 3 reasons why it’s important to see fast results from speech analytics. Read more on CallMiner's blog!

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