Drive better quality outcomes in the contact center and improve CX 

Leverage intelligence and insights to more effectively manage your QA program at scale. 

Gather an accurate view of employee performance

Gain insight into every conversation to understand agent behavior, including best practices and opportunities for improvement, to level-up your workforce and improve outcomes.

Make feedback easy to act on

Use real-time guidance to support agents in overcoming knowledge gaps, adhering to compliance requirements, and lending support during challenging interactions.

Continually coach agents

Keep KPIs in one place for quick and efficient feedback, with agent coaching that can be delivered post-interaction or in real time.

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Uncover performance and quality management gaps to drive improvement

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Provide transparency into quality management   

Help employees understand exactly how their performance will be measured, what matters most and how they can improve. 

  • Choose from fully automated quality forms that scale, or combine with manual scoring for a customized, hybrid approach 
  • CallMiner’s coaching workflow encourages bi-directional supervisor and agent engagement to encourage open conversation
  • Individual dashboards show agents where they can improve, and supervisor dashboards allow managers to view individual or team trends 

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Better coaching to drive quality and CX 

Improve your quality management program through effective coaching. 

  • Create systemic change with automated QA. Identify trends to pinpoint coaching opportunities, uncover compliance initiatives and improve quality at scale 
  • Automatically generate prioritized lists of recent contacts for manual review later. Analyze competitive mentions, customer sentiment, product and market requirements, and more 
  • Use Screen Record to assess how efficiently agents navigate support screens while guiding customer resolutions. Identify opportunities for process improvements coaching and outcomes 

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Make direct feedback actionable

Give agents the insight they need to turn feedback into action.

  • Zero in on focus areas for each interaction, and easily navigate and evaluate with behavior and event highlights to provide customizable and actionable feedback 
  • Automatically generate lists of recent conversations to review by defining the metrics that you want to track 
  • Improve customer outcomes with agent training and guidance while conversations are still in progress 

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Coach was an absolute gamechanger for our supervisors and agents. It gave them an at-a-glance look at performance in each of the QA areas. It showed us how wide-spread a problem was so that we could address it quickly.

Luke Schulta

Contract Center Systems Administrator, Gant Travel


[CallMiner's] quality scoring product enables teams of varying maturity levels to go beyond compliance tracking, translating system scores into meaningful coaching moments.

The Forrester Wave: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3 2023