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Top Marketing and Analytics Podcasts: 50 Informative, Entertaining Podcasts on Marketing and Analytics from the Most Influential Podcasters and Industry Experts


The Team at CallMiner

July 06, 2017

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Podcasts have made a splash in the online world, and millions of downloads are made every week. In fact, many consider podcasts to be an essential educational resource for personal and professional development, making it easy to get productive use out of the time you spend in the car or on the train for the work commute. Some people even listen to their favorite podcasts in the shower.

Regardless of where and when you’ll tune in, a bigger question is which podcasts should you subscribe to? With a vast selection of podcasts encompassing every conceivable topic, narrowing down the options is no easy feat. We’ve put together this list of 50 top marketing and analytics podcasts to make the search a bit less painful for you, providing some of the best, most influential, and longest-running podcasts (plus a few newcomers to watch) in the marketing and analytics worlds in one place.

Note: The following 50 podcasts are listed in no particular order of importance, and are not ranked or rated in any way. (There’s no reason to limit yourself to just one, after all.) We’ve included links to iTunes and Stitcher to make it easy to subscribe from any device, but most of the podcasts below can be found through most major podcast apps.

So choose an episode, sit back, and enjoy being informed, entertained, and enlightened by some of the most influential thought leaders in marketing and analytics.

1. Unbounce Call To Action Podcast@unbounce

Every week the team at Unbounce puts together a podcast with an experienced marketing guest to discuss fails and successes seen online. From each episode, you’ll take away a ‘Call to Action’ to use in your marketing campaigns. Guests include Andy Crestodina, Dave Gerhardt, and Peep Laja, and more.

Three episodes you should check out from Unbounce Call To Action Podcast:

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2. Marketing Over Coffee@cspenn@johnjwall

Each week John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn visit a local coffee shop to chat marketing. They cover classic tips mixed with newer marketing tactics and focus on providing a 20-minute show of chit chat you only get from being out of the office.

Three episodes you should check out from Marketing Over Coffee:

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3. Copyblogger FM@copyblogger

For years the experts behind Copyblogger have come together to present weekly podcast episodes discussing content marketing, email, conversions, and copywriting. You’ll regularly hear from Brian Gardner and Sonia Simone among the occasional guest.

Three episodes you should check out from Copyblogger FM:

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4. StartUp Podcast@podcaststartup

This popular podcast started with a founder launching his startup. It includes stories and discussions, from doubt around what he is doing, to landing funding for the company. The host is Alex Blumberg a founder at Gimlet Media.

Three episodes you should check out from StartUp Podcast:

  • Part 1: Labels (Season 4, Episode 4)
  • Part 2: Workers (Season 4, Episode 5)
  • Gaming the System (Season 3, Episode 2)

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5. Gary Vee Audio Experience@garyvee

Get a dose of Gary Vee’s audio experience through his popular podcast. Inside the episodes, you’ll hear some of his best/most popular work, from recent keynote speeches to highlights from the DAILYVEE video series. Get both business and marketing tips as he shares how to build your business.

Three episodes you should check out from Gary Vee Audio Experience:

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6. Traction@NextViewVC

This show focuses on how startups become successful. Each episode is focused on a unique, different, or unusual way a startup’s founders were able to find success for their company. Based around the idea to do ‘things that don’t scale’ and figuring out what those things are. Hosted by Jay Acunzo of NEXTVIEW.

Three episodes you should check out from Traction:

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7. Six Pixels of Separation@mitchjoel

From the point of view of an interactive marketing agency, Six Pixels of Separation covers what’s going on in digital and social media marketing and how it pertains to companies, agencies, and the customers. Hosted by Mitch Joel.

Three episodes you should check out from Six Pixels of Separation:

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8. Duct Tape Marketing@ducttape

John Jantsch is the host in this regular show that discusses how small businesses can market their companies. Guests include authors, experts, and business leaders sharing their favorite tips and tactics.

Three episodes you should check out from Duct Tape Marketing:

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9. BeanCast Marketing@BobKnorpp

Get together with Bob Knorpp behind BeanCast to discuss trends in marketing that might affect your business. Topics include interactive marketing, public relations, and advertising discussed in a weekly roundtable with notable experts in the industry.

Three episodes you should check out from BeanCast Marketing:

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10. HBR IdeaCast@skgreen

Since 2011 Harvard Business Review has featured a podcast full of content around ideas in business and management, this includes topics such as marketing, advertising, startups, and more. Hosted by Amy Gallo and featuring Hal Gregersen, Danielle Brown, and Roger Martin among others, as guests.

Three episodes you should check out from HBR IdeaCast:

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11. Entrepreneur on Fire@johnleedumas

This daily podcast is run by John Lee Dumas a host with a passion for entrepreneurs. His show focuses on the lives of successful entrepreneurs and helps you learn the strategies that helped them become successful. He hosts new guests regularly with big names such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Joe Pulizzi, and Seth Godin.

Three episodes you should check out from Entrepreneur on Fire:

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12. The Tim Ferriss Show@TimFerrissShow

The author of New York Times bestseller 4 Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss’ show is all about success. How do people succeed in their careers, what are their tips and tricks, what do they read, and what are their morning routines. These questions and more are asked and answered every week from guests like Tony Robbins, Peter Thiel, Maria Popova, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Three episodes you should check out from The Tim Ferriss Show:

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13. Smart Passive Income@PatFlynn

At Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn shares everything he has learned from automating his online businesses. He outsources, optimizes, and builds niche sites, then uses social media, online courses, and affiliate marketing among other tactics and strategies to earn a 6-figure income. Along the way, he also discusses productivity and workflow while hosting experts like Sol Orwell, Chris Ducker, and others.

Three episodes you should check out from Smart Passive Income:

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14. The Fizzle Show@Fizzle

The team behind The Fizzle Show are committed to helping creative entrepreneurs build their own businesses around causes they care about. Each Friday they share another episode discussing topics like Facebook ads, curiosity, success, goal setting, and work environments. The show is hosted by Steph Crowder, Corbett Barr, and Chase Reeves.

Three episodes you should check out from The Fizzle Show:

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15. Read to Lead@THEjeffbrown

Reading leads to education, and that is the point of this podcast where Jeff Brown shares his journey to wisdom by discussing non-fiction books and their authors. Some of the topics include careers, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, marketing, and personal development. The podcast has been featured by Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, and other industry authority sites.

Three episodes you should check out from Read to Lead:

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16. PNR: This Old Marketing@CMIContent

Each episode of This Old Marketing is run by Content Marketing Institute, where the main focus is on content marketing in today’s world. The hosts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose welcome guests to discuss how content is being used in marketing campaigns, native advertising, marketing technology, branding, WordPress, and video. Each week an example of amazing content is chosen to learn valuable lessons from.

Three episodes you should check out from This Old Marketing:

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17. Perpetual Traffic@DigitalMktr

Hosted by Keith Krance, Ralph Burns, and Molly Pittman this podcast is all about marketing through paid traffic. Perpetual traffic covers topics like choosing your target audience, platforms to use to reach them, creating text, image, and video ads, and media buying. These strategies are used by Digital Marketer and Dominate Web Media in real life examples of how you can handle paid traffic.

Three episodes you should check out from Perpetual Traffic:

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18. Seanwes Podcast@seanwes@bentoalson

If you are interested in making money online by following your passion this podcast is for you. While it includes several aspects of business and marketing, the hosts Sean McCabe and Ben Toalson aim to help you build a sustainable online business. They talk about getting clients, selling, planning, scarcity, and customer engagement.

Three episodes you should check out from Seanwes Podcast:

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19. Moneyball for Marketing@CrimsonMktg

A big part of marketing and technology today is Big Data. This show is focused on how marketing, data, and technology come together and can be used by marketers and companies today to make data-based decisions to improve results and growth. The host, Glenn Gow hosts guest as they discuss how technology is changing marketing every week.

Three episodes you should check out from Moneyball for Marketing:

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20. Edge of the Web@EdgeWebRadio

If you love SEO this is the podcast you need to hear. While the focus is on trends and news in SEO, the topics range to include every aspect of marketing that could possibly affect search optimization such as social media, content, branding, and popups.

Three episodes you should check out from Edge of the Web:

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21. The Write Podcast@ExpWriters

Hosted by Julia McCoy this podcast is all about being a writer. The topics include content marketing, influencer marketing, hosting experts like Sujan Patel and Mark Schaefer, and running her six-figure content agency. If you are a writer tune in to learn from writing experts who have already gotten great results from content.

Three episodes you should check out from The Write Podcast:

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22. The Art of Paid Traffic@rickmulready

Rick Mulready is the host of The Art of Paid Traffic. He is a Facebook ads expert and uses his podcast to help others understand how to use paid traffic to generate leads, and increase sales through marketing automation. The topics go beyond Facebook to include Adwords, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

Three episodes you should check out from The Art of Paid Traffic:

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23. Social Media Pubcast@jonloomer

Jon Loomer is also a Facebook ads expert and he hosts the Social Media Pubcast, however, this show is a bit different. Jon and his guests sit down over beer to chat about Facebook marketing, social media, SEO, blogging, impressions, targeting, dynamic ads, and membership sites.

Three episodes you should check out from Social Media Pubcast:

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24. Social Media Marketing Podcast@SMExaminer

Michael Stelzner hosts Social Media Marketing every week to discuss the latest in social media. Topics cover everything such as gaining fans on Facebook, advertising on Linkedin, hosting Twitter chats, Instagram photos, Snapchat videos and more.

Three episodes you should check out from Social Media Marketing Podcast:

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25. Online Marketing Made Easy@AmyPorterfield

Amy Porterfield is another social media expert that hosts a regular podcast. She covers social topics as well as tips for online marketing. Past talks have included expert interviews, actionable plans, and strategies to make your online marketing as profitable as possible.

Three episodes you should check out from Online Marketing Made Easy:

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26. Social Media Social Hour@CasualFridaysHQ

Join Tyler Anderson, the founder of Casual Fridays, as he discusses his take on social media and content marketing. Tyler works with several platforms, for multiple clients. He knows what works and shares his insights from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Often times he will have interviews with experts and influencers who also want to share their secrets.

Three episodes you should check out from Social Media Social Hour:

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27. The Growth Show@TheGrowthShow

Growth marketing is a hot topic right now and HubSpot wants to help you learn all about it. On The Growth Show you’ll hear from top business leaders like Guy Kawasaki, Hiten Shah, Ramit Sethi, and others who have ‘hacked’ their businesses to success. Topics include data analytics, social media hashtags, optimization, psychology, tools, and technology.

Three episodes you should check out from The Growth Show:

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28. Marketing School@neilpatel

One of the most well-known names in digital marketing, Neil Patel, pairs up with Eric Sui to offer this marketing podcast. Each day they offer 10 minutes of advice on both marketing and business. Everything is actionable and will get your business moving in the right direction. Tune in to hear about these topics: negative SEO, reputation management, content, video, conversion rates, keyword research, and more.

Three episodes you should check out from Marketing School:

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29. The Startup Chat@startupchat

If you want to learn about SaaS and startups Steli Efti and Hiten Shah are two experts who can help. They host The Startup Chat twice a week and discuss what’s happening in the startup world. You’ll get tips on building your product, managing your team, hiring and firing, creating talent, and of course, marketing. Each episode is only 22 minutes long and they sometimes host other experts as guests.

Three episodes you should check out from The Startup Chat:

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30. 7 Figure CEO@CaseyGraham

Do you want to be a 7 figure CEO? This podcast will help you get there. The show features CEO’s of companies with revenue of at least 7 figures and discusses how each guest got there, the pivotal moments in the climb to success, key decisions, and breaking barriers to 7 figures. Topics include management, systems, profit, financial management, owner pay, personal development, products and services, and customer experience.

Three episodes you should check out from 7 Figure CEO:

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31. 5 Minute Marketing@samcartapp

If you’ve got 5 minutes a day to listen to Brian Moran of SamCart, you’ve got time to learn how to build a successful software startup. Brian shares his secrets from building the company and makes it easy to understand and put the advice into action. Topics include sales, upsells, marketing, and business.

Three episodes you should check out from 5 Minute Marketing:

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32. Venture Beat Engage@VentureBeat

Join the Venture Beat team as they discuss the technology of the world. They are funny and interesting and make technology more digestible for the rest of us. Some of the topics you’ll enjoy listening to are machine learning, chat bots, social media, software, and AI.

Three episodes you should check out from Venture Beat Engage:

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33. Data Stories@datastories

Learning more about data can be both exciting and complicated. Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner get together in Data Stories to help you make the most of your data. They discuss analytics, visualizations, and algorithms.

Three episodes you should check out from Data Stories:

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34. Marketing Smarts Podcast@MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs continues their efforts to educate marketers and help them grow in their professions. Each 30-minute show offers insights to take action and make better decisions as a marketer. Here are some of the topics discussed: branding, video marketing, social media, content, funnels, and customer relationships.

Three episodes you should check out from Marketing Smarts Podcast:

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35. IBM Insights Analytics@IBMAnalytics

IBM is a major player in data and they offer this podcast to help others understand how to use Big Data to improve their businesses. They discuss topics that include machine learning, data science, internet of things, debugging, finance, and the cloud.

Three episodes you should check out from IBM Insights Analytics:

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36. Partially Derivative@partiallyd

Learn how data science is affecting everything in our world, from gaming to parenting, medicine, and marketing. Jonathon, Vidya, and Chris come together every week to discuss the technology of data science and how it is being used.

Three episodes you should check out from Partially Derivative:

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37. Linear Digressions@LinDigressions

We expect to see data being used in certain applications like business, marketing, the internet, and other technology related fields. But in this podcast, the hosts venture into the ‘other’ uses of data such as medicine, the election, and the ocean.

Three episodes you should check out from Linear Digressions:

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38. Digital Analytics Power Hour@AnalyticsHour

After attendance at eMetrics, 3 attendees got together to offer discussion from the ‘cutting edge of digital analytics’ and give back to their community of business analysts. In each show they discuss current events in data science and offer something new to try at work. The hosts are Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Jim Cain.

Three episodes you should check out from Digital Analytics Power Hour:

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39. What’s the Point?@FiveThirtyEight

What’s the Point? is a FiveThirtyEight podcast hosted by Jody Avirgan, who maintains the strict editorial standards set by FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver, who earned widespread recognition from his data science-based predictions of presidential election outcomes. Avirgan’s focus on the What’s the Point? podcast is on the growing influence of data on everyday life.

Three episodes you should check out from What’s the Point?

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40. The Present Beyond Measure@LeaPica

A bi-weekly show focused on the intersection of analytics, data visualization, and digital analytics, The Present Beyond Measure is hosted by trainer, consultant, and speaker Lea Pica. Pica’s aim is to empower listeners with the tools they need to deliver data visualizations and presentations with passion, focus, and maximum impact.

Three episodes you should check out from The Present Beyond Measure:

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41. Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson@WalterIsaacson

Walter Isaacson, a journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution, hosts the new Trailblazers podcast for Dell Technologies. Isaacson will explore the digital disruption and innovators using technology to enable human progress.

Three episodes you should check out from Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson:

  • 01: Lights… Camera… Disruption
  • 02: Developing Disruption
  • 03: A Slice of Disruption

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42. The Marketing Companion@markwschaefer


The Marketing Companion Podcast is “the world’s most entertaining marketing podcast,” hosted by globally-recognized marketing author, consultant, and blogger, Mark Schaefer, and Tom Webster, a pithy researcher and raconteur. The two provide insights on the hottest marketing topics to boost your marketing IQ.

Three episodes you should check out from The Marketing Companion:

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43. The Marketing Cloudcast@marketingcloud

The Marketing Cloudcast is Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s marketing podcast, hosted by Joel Book and Heike Young who interview marketing leaders on key trends and innovative tactics in every episode.

Three episodes you should check out from The Marketing Cloudcast:

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44. O’Reilly Data Show


The O’Reilly Data Show explores big data, AI, and data science through interviews and analysis. A weekly podcast, the O’Reilly Data Show highlights intriguing innovators putting data to work in amazing ways.

Three episodes you should check out from O’Reilly Data Show:

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45. This Week in Machine Learning and AI@samcharrington

Sam Charrington hosts This Week in Machine Learning and AI, a weekly show discussing the week’s most interesting and important stories on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The show centers on a variety of related technologies including deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, analytics, and more.

Three episodes you should check out from This Week in Machine Learning and AI:

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46. Data Skeptic@DataSkeptic

A weekly blog and podcast aiming to provide readers and listeners with an understanding of our data-driven world, Data Skeptic focuses on topics related to statistics, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Three episodes you should check out from Data Skeptic:

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47. Talking Data


Editors from TechTarget’s SearchDataManagement and SearchBusinessAnalytics engage in animated discussion about big data in its many shapes and forms in the Talking Data podcast. The show records new episodes once or twice per month, analyzing trends in software practices for managing big data and business analytics.

Three episodes you should check out from Talking Data:

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48. Data Crunch Podcast


The Data Crunch Podcast is a new podcast brought to you by Vault Analytics focused on how data and prediction are changing the world. Through interviews, inference, and inquest, the Data Crunch Podcast examines the intriguing impacts of data on every aspect of modern life.

Three episodes you should check out from Data Crunch Podcast:

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49. Mastering Business Analysis


Hosted by business analyst and Agile coach Dave Saboe, the Mastering Business Analysis podcast aims to elevate the role of the Business Analyst and enhance the skills of Business Analysts spanning every industry. Saboe interviews leaders in the business analytics community, discusses helpful techniques, best practices, and more.

Three episodes you should check out from Mastering Business Analysis:

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50. The Agents of Change


Rich Brooks hosts The Agents of Change, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with marketing leaders from around the world to gain insights on the current best practices and latest techniques in SEO, social media, and mobile marketing.

Three episodes you should check out from The Agents of Change:

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What’s your favorite podcast focused on marketing and analytics?

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