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The Importance of Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Experience as Energy Pricing Faces Scrutiny


Frank Sherlock

August 09, 2017

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With energy prices rising, the UK government recently announced an independent review into the total cost of electricity and factors that could be driving up the cost.  This scrutiny on pricing puts even further pressure on UK energy companies to ensure they are running efficient operations and delivering the best customer experience in their contact centers so consumers don’t start looking for an alternative.

Many companies are turning to speech analytics to monitor and improve efficiency within their organisation’s contact centers. By tracking 100% of customer-agent interactions, companies can understand where there are breakdowns across the organisation starting with the agent training and progressing through to operational issues like long call handle times and inefficient call processing that lead to customer complaints. And as leadership pledges to push a cap on energy prices, any efficiency gains (and there are many to realise) could help offset losses from potential caps or regulatory changes.

As inefficiencies are rooted out, consumers will experience less friction and higher customer satisfaction – extremely important in a competitive market such as the Energy Sector. Companies leveraging speech analytics in their inbound or outbound call centers can track their customer sentiment and monitor changes over time as they address any of the efficiency issues or roll out new programs that might impact customer journey, pricing, energy saving incentives, etc.

Refer to Ofgem’s News & Blog to keep up with the latest regulatory changes for the UK energy market.

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