Increase compliance and reduce risk on 100% of interactions

Monitor customer interactions automatically to identify and reduce risk related to non-compliance of industry-specific regulations.

Analyze every customer conversation

Scan every voice and text-based interaction in real time with tagging and indexing of any violations.

Avoid costly fines and litigation

Proactively avoid becoming part of the more than 15,000 FDCPA lawsuits filed each year.

Target training to reduce non-compliant behavior

Discover what violation occurred and when, and use those insights to improve agent training and performance.

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Reduce risk exposure and costs

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Identify risk across customer conversations at scale

Use metadata and pre-built monitoring templates to ensure compliance in voice and text-based interactions.

  • Monitor for compliance-related language, such as Mini Miranda language, Right Party Contact language, FDCPA violations, abusive language, and more
  • Scan for the presence or absence of compliant-specific information in every interaction
  • Ensure PCI & PII compliance with redacted sensitive and personal information, without losing other numerical data

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Reduce compliance incidents with improved training and intervention

Proactively avoid exposure, intervene in real time when a risk-related situation occurs, and make improvements in training.

  • Identify agents who need additional or improved training
  • Enhance performance with data-driven, objective feedback, so agents can better understand and fix behaviors that are non-compliant
  • Alert agents to risky behavior while an interaction is still in progress; uncover trends post-interaction that can improve behaviors over time

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Improve productivity while lowering costs

Drive profits with more targeted interventions, faster investigations into incidents, and fewer fines due to non-compliance.

  • Gain transparency into agent performance and areas of improvement to increase operational efficiency while reducing exposure
  • Conduct root cause analysis to understand and correct agent risk and compliance violations
  • Effectively and efficiently meet risk reduction goals without increasing personnel costs

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We've seen a huge decrease in some of our potential concerns with risk and compliance mitigation, not only with on-screen alerting, but also with post-call analytics. It helped our agents get better with their speech habits, because when they're being graded on calls they speak better.

Kelly Seis

Director of Operational Support, Exeter Finance