Conversation intelligence starts with a high-quality, full-featured recorder 

The recorder is the foundation of any quality management or compliance-driven program. CallMiner Record is a full-featured recorder delivering live monitoring and instantaneous playback using features like high-quality stereo to drive improved transcription and analytics. 

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Realize accurate transcriptions and analytics

Contact center efficiency

Record as a primary recorder

Capture and retain every customer conversation with primary recorder functionality. CallMiner Record offers features such as high-quality stereo recordings to drive improved transcription and analytics. Not only does it record 100% of calls, CallMiner Record also readily integrates with other solutions to analyze 100% of voice contacts to maintain compliance, reduce risk, and improve customer experience through better workforce engagement.

Analytics combined with primary recording functionality

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High-quality stereo recordings

  • Transcription accuracy can increase as quality of call recordings improves 
  • Help improve business performance as measured by CSAT,
  • High fidelity, dual-channel audio capture with codecs like Opus to increase transcription accuracy 

Record playback image

Powerful primary recording functionality

  • Supports compliance and risk reduction to improve the customer experience  
  • Access full recording UI which allows users to auto-tag pre-selected keywords and phrases, and index recordings by time, agent, date, group and more 
  • Unrestricted system and data access and control 

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Protect existing investments

  • Maximize your existing communications investments 
  • Support for diverse deployment architectures – whether cloud, on-premise or hybrid 
  • Integrate with a broad range of telephony, CRM and customer experience platforms 

Key Features

Dual-Channel Audio Capture

Record offers high fidelity, dual-channel audio capture with codecs like Opus to increase transcription accuracy.

Fully Searchable and Indexable

Access recordings during or immediately after calls, auto-tag pre-selected keywords and phrases, and index recordings by time, agent, date, group and more.

Support for Diverse Telephony Architectures

Record supports diverse deployment architectures – including cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Record works with many telephony, CRM and customer experience platforms.