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The 50 Best Debt Collection Blogs


The Team at CallMiner

June 20, 2017

Letter tiles spelling out DEBT
Letter tiles spelling out DEBT

Debt collection is not easy. Agents encounter tricky situations on a daily basis where they must try and bring the call to a successful conclusion and simultaneously behave in a fully compliant manner.

Companies need to keep on top of the latest trends in debt collection and provide their agents with the tools they need to get results. New technologies like speech analytics for instance can bring huge gains in both efficiency and effectiveness.

One great way to stay on top of the hottest topics in the debt collection industry is to read the best debt collection blogs. To help you decide which blogs deserve your time, we have compiled a list of the 50 best debt collection blogs online today. Read on to see which blogs you should add to your daily reading list.

   Note: The following 50 blogs aren’t ranked in order of quality or importance.

1. FICO Blog @FICO

FICO or Fair Isaac Corporation is a leading analytics software company that leverages big data and algorithms to predict customer behavior. The FICO blogs are a great resource for debt collection agencies as it is regularly updated and, in addition to debt collection, covers themes like risk, compliance, fraud, security, customer engagement, and analytics.

Three posts we liked: What We Heard When UK Collectors Sat Down FICO Survey: APAC Consumers Taking Longer To Pay Bills

2. Simplicity Blog

Simplicity software is an affordable, yet sophisticated tool for debt collection. A cloud-based solution, Simplicity lets users import an unlimited amount of cases into the system so you can track your progress with ease. The Simplicity Blog covers some of the industry’s most important trends and provides how to guides on topics lie how to kickstart your debt collection business.

Three posts we liked:

How many employees will I need for my debt collection business? How Will I Advertise My Debt Collection Business and Services? How Will I Manage My Debt Collection Business?

3. Simon’s Agency Blogs @SimonsAgencyInc

Simon’s Agency has a mission to recover all the money owed to you while maintaining the goodwill of your customer. With a 50 year track record of success, Simon’s Agency have great insights to share on the debt collection tools and techniques you should leverage today. Their blog is regularly updated and is a great place to stay on top of the latest debt collection trends and technologies.

Three posts we liked:

Negotiating with a Debtor Part 1: Using Standard Criteria to Maximize Collections Returns and Keep the Cost of Recovery as Low as Possible Negotiating with a Debtor Part 2:  Achieving a Satisfactory Payment Arrangement Negotiating with a Debtor Part 3: Knowing the Difference Between a Payer and a Staller

4. TrueAccord Blog @trueaccord

The TrueAccord debt recovery solution was built to turn collections into a reconciliation service. TrueAccord does this through a combination of behavioral analytics, machine learning and modern communication channels. Considering the company’s unique values, their blog is a great place to catch up on interesting ideas. The blog covers things like business, collection strategy, compliance, data science, and resources.

Three posts we liked:

How Tax Season Affects Debt Collection – and TrueAccord Live from LendIt: TrueAccord on AI in FinTech It’s time to stop using commission-based compensation in collections

5. The Kaplan Group Blog @TheKaplanGroup

The Kaplan Group is a boutique collection agency that specializes in business-to-business debt collection. With an 85% success rate on large viable claims, it is safe to say that they possess a fair amount of knowledge on debt collection. Founded in 1991, the agency has a proven track record in the area and their blog is a great place to check in for regular insights.

Three posts we liked:

Individuals, Companies, The FDCPA and Collections 5 End of Year Tasks for your Business Collecting Uncollectible Debts and Tax Write-offs

6. CollectMORE Blog @Collectmore

CollectMORE combine ethical debt collection techniques with an adaptable approach that helps companies get paid. The CollectMORE 2.0 app is ideal for small businesses and allows users to research new customers and use ready-made templates to help with the debt collection process. Their blog is regularly updated. The main author is managing director who takes a unique approach to the business that is certainly worth checking out.

Three posts we liked:

How persistence, determination and a little creativity got this debt paid! Getting into the mind of your debtor! What makes them tick? Want to get paid TODAY? Do this!

7. Click Notices Blog @ClickNotices

Click Notices provide a software solution that helps companies automate the late rent collection process. Their solution contains features like automated resident notifications, automated court filing, and analytics that help provide customers with a peace of mind as all elements of the rent dispute are managed by Click Notices. The Click Notices blog is a great place to check in to keep up to date on the latest developments in landlord-tenant law and delinquency management.

Three posts we liked:

Evolving Landlord-Tenant Law How Much Does an Eviction Cost? When a Tenant Files for Bankruptcy, The Best Defense is a Good Offense

8. C2C Resources @C2CResources

C2C Resources is a commercial debt collection agency with a track record of excellence in debt collection and an exec team with a combined experience of 60+ years. Their tools Profit Maximizer, InfoMax Collection System, and Legal Forwarding Edge help companies get their money efficiently. Their blog is worth adding to your reading list to keep up to date with tips on how to handle customer bankruptcies, customer credit, and avoiding preferential debt payments.

Three posts we liked:

How to Avoid Preferential Debt Payments 6 Steps to Take When a Customer Files for Bankruptcy Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Checks

9. OnGuard Blog @OnGuardHQ

OnGuard are providers of leading credit management software which involves your credit management team, your organization, and your customers in the credit management process. Headquartered in the Netherlands, OnGuard fosters some of the country’s progressive spirit by taking a forward-looking approach to credit management. The company blog is regularly updated and a great source for insights on debt collection and the impact of technology.

Three posts we liked:

Quick-fix or long-term results? How to keep your CM skills up to date 8 things to do if you have a contractual dispute

10. Payment Savvy Blog

Payment Savvy provides companies with the tools and support they need to deal with medium to high risk clients. With a secure and user-friendly solution, Payment Savvy makes it easy for companies to accept electronic checks and credit cards. The blog is a useful resource for readers who want to hear about the latest in payment processing.

Three posts we liked:

Payment Processing 101 The Comprehensive Guide to Free Payment Processing Top 4 Ways to Obtain Better Results With Your Collection Agency

11. Chartered Institute of Credit Management @CICM_HQ

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) is a community that supports credit professionals and businesses. A trusted leader in all collection matters, the CICM blog is a highly valuable resource for all things credit management. The blog is where you will find regular insights from the Chief Executive of the CICM and industry thought leader, Philip King.

Three posts we liked:

A recipe for good management – a blog by Philip King FCICM Preparing for financial uncertainty? – a blog by Philip King FCICM Expect the unexpected – a blog by Philip King FCICM

12. Ameyo Callversations @AmeyoCIM

Ameyo are providers of call center software that helps companies deliver personalized interactions with prospects and customers. Naturally their blog is focused on call center trends but it is still a valuable resource for debt collectors working in call centers. The blog delves into areas like key call center KPIs and is worth checking out to see how to get the most out of your agents.

Three posts we liked:

3 Insider Secrets about Customer Experience Optimization You Must Know Foolproof Customer Engagement Strategies for 2017 Why Emotional Quotient Trumps IQ in Customer Engagement

13. Call Centre Helper @callcentrehelp

Call Centre Helper is the UK’s leading contact centre magazine. The site is a great resource for tips on all call center conversation techniques and the latest technological developments. Covering a range of industries, the site also has plenty of valuable information on debt collection.

Three posts we liked:

Debt Busters Boosts Revenue with Inside Sales Platform Skills and Competencies for Roles in The Call Centre Dialler regulations

14. DestinationCRM @CRM

DestinationCRM is a great resource that covers every aspect of customer relationship management including debt collection. Check here for the latest information, products, and services you need to support your debt collection processes.

Three posts we liked:

Inbound and Outbound Converge in the New Contact Center The Age of Speech Analytics Is Close at Hand Speech Analytics Is Starting to Make a Difference

15. @callcentrefocus is a hub for all types of contact centre and customer service needs. Learn what makes super agents tick and which tools you need to drive your debt collection processes.

Three posts we liked:

10 lessons about Autonomous Customers & Super Agents – Nicola Millard at Top 50 Debt collection rules to be debated The importance of empowering your agents

16. Brainfood @BrainfoodEngage

Brainfood is a service run by renowned keynote speaker and contact centre expert Martin Hill-Wilson. Over the course of an impressive career, Martin has worked as a CEO, trainer, consultant, strategist and facilitator. Martin shares some of his considerable expertise on his blog covering areas like employee engagement and the customer experience.

Three posts we liked:

Social Media & Debt Management Intelligent Assistants & Bots – The Dan Miller Interview Wouldn’t It Be Great If My Organisation Worked Properly!

17. Experian Thought Leadership Resources @Experian

Experian is a leader in information services. They provide data and analytics solutions to clients all around the world. Their services include credit reports, credit monitoring, and identity theft protection. The Experian thought leadership resources are an extensive collection of whitepapers, reports, infographics, videos, case studies, podcasts and webinars about consumer and business data. Debt recovery is a recurring theme and the resources here are well worth checking out.

Three posts we liked:

Holistic Debt Management Webinar True Credit Intelligence: Empowering consumers with more than a score State of the U.S. Credit Markets

18. FastUpFront Small Business Blog @FastUpFront

FastUpFront provide simple yet effective business financing programs that focus on quality service. Their blog is a useful resource for all the latest small business news, tips, and information. Among the areas covered are market trends, the impact of social media, and debt collection.

Three posts we liked:

Lawyer Versus Debt Collection Agency: Collecting on Bad Business Debt Keeping Your Business Out of Debt 10 Ways to Update Your Social Media Profiles

19. @businessdotcom is the go-to resource form SMBs looking for the knowledge, products, and services they need to grow their business. is part of Purch that is a digital content company that helps people make smarter business decisions. The blog is a leading source of business insights and technology advice. The site covers pretty much every aspect of business today and there are some excellent debt collection posts to be viewed here too.

Three posts we liked:

Does a Client Owe You Money? Step-by-Step Tips for B2B Debt Collection Business Debt Consolidation Education and Training Debt Collection Strategies When Customers Don’t Pay

20. insideARM @insideARM

insideARM is a leading source for “must know” information for companies operating in the debt industry. With a range of resources including newsletters, reports, webinars, and events, insideARM is a site that simply must be bookmarked.

Three posts we liked:

CFPB Releases Long Awaited Report on Consumer Debt Collection Survey Trump’s Education Pick Has Debt Collection Ties Self-Pay Collections is a Whole New Animal

21. Direct Recovery Blog         @DirectRecovery

Direct Recovery Associates, Inc. is a California-based debt collection agency whose service is based on the three pillars of persuasiveness, persistence, and professionalism. They take an attorney-based approach to debt collection and are proven to get results. Their blog is regularly updated and deals with everything from clients who have filed for bankruptcy to compliance and more.

Three posts we liked:

Six Reasons You Should Pay Off Your Collection Accounts Sooner Rather Than Later Debt Collection in Florida and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Debt Validation

22. Forum of Private Business @The_FPB

The Forum of Private Business is a highly valuable resource for small businesses providing support, advice, and protection. Members get tailored legal support and can keep up to date with regulatory changes as they happen. The blog covers areas like debt collection, the impact of Brexit on small businesses, and compliance issues.

Three posts we liked:

5 easy Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for small businesses Top tips for preventing and chasing late payment Never written off a bad debt to your business? You’re in the minority.

23. ABC-Amega Articles @ABCAmega

ABC-Amega are a leading debt collection and accounts receivable management service. Established in 1929, the company provide services for improving credit and customer retention. The articles section of their website is a a collection of thought-provoking posts covering topics like bankruptcy, business operations, debt collection, and credit management.

Three posts we liked:

9 Collection Tips for Small Business 6 Tips for Making Collection Calls that Get Results 13 Strategies to Speed Up Collections

24. The Stevens-Lloyd Group Blog

The Stevens-Lloyd Group is a worldwide collection agency that regularly delivers debt recovery results within hours of placement. They combine a professional agency service with top-flight attorneys to ensure your debt is recovered. Their blog provides some great insight on recovery strategy and is definitely worth checking in on.

Three posts we liked:

Debt Collection Laws – What You Should Know Collecting Past Due Accounts: When To Quit Commercial Collection Agencies and Skip Tracing Services

25. Lovetts Solicitors @LovettsDebt

Lovetts Solicitors are a UK and International business debt collection and recovery service. With over 20 years of proven experience, Lovetts use pre-legal and legal methods to ensure your debts are recovered. Their blog is regularly updated and shares expertise in a range of areas including credit control, legal proceedings, and international debt collection.

Three posts we liked:

6 Questions To Ask When A Customer Says They Didn’t Receive An Invoice 4 Tips For Hiring A Debt Recovery Firm How Hard is it for UK Businesses to Collect Debts in the USA?

26. Clients ARM Blog @clientsARM

Clients ARM collection agency founded on the four principles of innovation, expertise, professionalism, and kindness. Led by renowned expert Susan Manns-Bates, Clients ARM provide services in virtual account management, collections, and financing. Their blog is a valuable resource for keeping up to date on the latest and greatest debt collection strategies.

Three posts we liked:

How Downtime Improves Your Productivity Must Know Tips to Help You Avoid a Customer Service Crash Client Hasn’t Paid – What Are My Options?

27. National Association of Credit Management (NACM) @NACM_National

The NACM is the primary learning resource for commercial creditors. Membership of the NACM opens up a world of knowledge including events, online courses, webinars, and certificate programs. Their blog covers areas like B2B credit, bankruptcy filings, and the Federal Reserve.

Three posts we liked:

GAO Report Recommends Updates to FDCPA Construction Spending at Nearly 11-Year High Credit Quality for Public Firms Grew in March, but Watch for Longer-Term Default Risks

28. Smyyth/Creditek Blog

Smyyth/Creditek offers a range of services that support the revenue lifecycle. Through a combination of expertise and best-in-class technology, Smyyth/Creditek helps companies to put an effective collection strategy in place. Check out their blog for collection strategy tips as well as insights in technology, vendor compliance, and credit management.

Three posts we liked:

Best Practices For Credit and Collections Supplier Portals Impact the Invoicing and Payment Lifecycle Late Payments and Delinquencies

29. Tucker Albin & Associates Commercial Debt Collection Blog @TuckerAlbin

Tucker Albin & Associates are a leading commercial debt collection agency. They adopt a customized approach for each customer that ensures debtors meet their financial obligations. The blog provides tips on how you can collect more money and is worth keeping up to date with.

Three posts we liked:

Tucker Albin Collection Agency Approach Debt Collectors Recover More Debt When Should You Use a Collection Agency?

30. Credit Management Company Collection Excellence Blog

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Credit Management Company was founded in 1966 with a mission to save company time and resources through the rapid debt collection. With a proven track record in debt collection, the company blog is well worth keeping an eye on for the latest news, trends, and strategic advice.

Three posts we liked:

Six Things to Consider When Selecting a Collection Agency When Should Healthcare Accounts Go to Bad Debt? Voices in Healthcare Finance

31. Business News Daily @BNDarticles

Business News Daily is a brilliant resource for small business solutions and inspiration. The aim of the site is to arm entrepreneurs with the information they need to make smart business decisions. The site delves into a range of business issues including sales, marketing, and technology. Debt collection is also covered so keep an eye on this site.

Three posts we liked:

Help! What to Do When Customers Won’t Pay Their Bills Customers Won’t Pay? How to Choose a Collection Agency Recession Sparks Bonanza for Collection Agencies

32. Rocket Lawyer @RocketLawyer

Rocket Lawyer provides an on call attorney who can help you with your legal questions. You can even create legal documents with the help of an attorney via mobile. Their site is full of really valuable legal advice including a section on debt collection. The Rocket Lawyer blog is regularly updated and covers important business questions like how to file for a tax extension.

Three posts we liked:

7 business lessons we learned from The Blacklist What to Do If You Get a Bounced Check Paying on Time – Five Ways to Encourage Customers to Pay You Promptly

33. Hilton-Baird Collection Services HiltonBairdCS

Hilton-Baird Collection Services is a leading collection agency that have delivered consistently since their foundation in 2001. With an experienced team, the agency takes a tailored approach to each situation they encounter. Their blog is regularly updated and full of great tips on subjects including but not limited to debt management, late payment laws, and invoicing.

Three posts we liked:

Just for fun: Late payment in song titles Payment reporting regulations: All you need to know 9 credit control tasks you can do in 1 hour or less

34. The Balance @thebalance

The Balance is a hub for practical financial expertise that all business owners should familiarize themselves with. Whether you want to buy a home, save for college, or start your own business, The Balance has you covered.

Three posts we liked:

Top 8 Debt Collection Tips for Small Business Owners What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? Mini Miranda Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

35. LCollect Debt Collection Blog @LCollectDebtCol

LCollect are a debt collection agency based in Sydney. Their service is based on an innovative approach that is fair but gets the best possible arrangement with debt collectors. Their blog is regularly updated and covers topics like contracts law and debt collection call best practices.

Three posts we liked:

Ipso Facto Clauses Five Tips for Collection Call Results Council Considers Home Repossessions

36. Alert Solutions @AlertSolutions1

Alert Solutions provide a multi-channel communications tool that helps companies deliver their message successfully. Their solution is widely used in both education and healthcare. Their blog is a valuable source of healthcare and education tips like how to recover medical debt.

Three posts we liked:

Medical Debt Collection – 4 Best Practices for Healthcare Providers Education Resource Center – Popular Strategies, Best Practice Tips and More 3 Everyday Strategies to Help Schools Improve Student Attendance Rates

37. Debt Collection News @ukdcnews

Debt collection news is a great place for UK-based agencies to stay on top of the latest news and industry developments. Regularly updated with industry developments, compliance changes, and helpful how-to articles, Debt Collection News is an invaluable information source for agencies.

Three posts we liked:

Top 5 tips when choosing a Debt Collection Agency 6 tips for a Smart Business Debt Collection solution HMRC doubles spend on Private Debt Collectors

38. Money Marketing @_moneymarketing

Money Marketing is the leading source of expertise and advice for financial professionals. The site covers a range of money issues including debt collection, regulations, banking, and investments. Bookmark this site to keep up to date with all the latest industry news.

Three posts we liked:

HSBC agrees £4m redress scheme after FCA review FCA attacks payday lenders over ‘unacceptable practices’ How should advisers cope with surge in DB transfer enquiries?

39. Enterprise Recovery Blog @EnterpriseRecov

Enterprise Recovery helps companies recover past invoices so they can focus their energies on driving the company forward. The blog is regularly updated with excellent how to articles covering topics like how to identify a non-paying client early in the relationship.

Three posts we liked:

Discover & Recover Past Due Invoices in QuickBooks The Disappearing Act: What To Do When a Client Stops Paying Firing a Client for Non-Payment & Red Flags to Prevent It

40. Taurus Collections Blog @CollectDebts

Taurus Collections is a straight talking debt collection agency based in the UK. With over 15 years experience in the credit control industry, Taurus has established themselves as recovery experts. Their blog is well worth checking out and covers topics like late invoice payment, debt recovery, and how to win more clients.

Three posts we liked:

Who Else Wants To Know How Debtor Collections Can Improve Cashflow How To Take The Headache Out Of Collection of Accounts Effective Strategies for Collecting on a Debt

41. Credit Services Association @CreditServicesA

The Credit Services Association (CSA) is the only UK trade body for the debt collection sector. The aim of the Association is to build confidence in debt collection by making the entire process transparent. The CSA blog is a great way to keep tabs on all the latest industry developments.

Three posts we liked:

Blog: New vulnerability guide for debt collection: 21 questions, 21 steps for both customer and staff wellbeing 3 New Legislative Requirements Credit and Collection Firms Should Prepare for in 2017 Blog: 2016: The year the debt collection sector came of age

42. Optio Solutions Blog @optiosolutions

Optio are an accounts receivable and debt collections agency. Their blog covers important issues like data security in debt collection and and provides tips on how to remain compliant. In addition to their blog, there is a resources section on their site that provides some expert advice on how to manage debt.

Three posts we liked:

Data Security at Debt Collection Agencies Tax Season Debt Collection Strategy Ups ROI 30% The Mission of Debt Collections Values

43. J&P Credit Solutions @JPCreditSol

J&P Credit Solutions are a leading UK law firm specializing in debt recovery. The firm has built up a strong reputation for providing a consistently high level of service. With so much expertise at the firm, the blog is well worth a follow. It is regularly updated and deals with issues like recovering overseas monies and tips for dealing with non-paying customers.

Three posts we liked:

Recovering Money from Customers Based Overseas Top Tips for Dealing With Customers Who Won’t Pay Your guide to dealing with small claims cases

44. Credit Tools @credittools

Credit Tools is a site dedicated to collection professionals providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to excel at their job. The blog is updated regularly and covers hot debt collection topics like the role of technology.

Three posts we liked:

The enigmas of the DSO Credit management organization The time factor, key of debt collection?

45. TCN Blog @tcn

TCN is a leading call center software solution that provides agent login, conditional dialing, predictive dialing and much more. As you would imagine with a call center blog, the topic of debt collection is covered quite regularly. There is a lot of value in here for debt collection call centers that want to stay on top of agent best practices and the latest trends.

Three posts we liked:

Happy Call Center Agents are TCPA Compliant Agents Part 2: How Could the New Administration Affect Debt Collection and TCPA Compliance? State of the Collection Industry: 2016 TCN Survey Results

46. Efficient Tradie Blog @KatieDMarshall

The Efficient Tradie blog is run by Katie Marshall whose goal is to “teach tradies how to sort out their money so they can have better cashflow and a lifestyle they love.” Katie has established herself as a leader in financial and compliance consultancy. Her blog covers topics like how to collect your debts without the stress.

Three posts we liked:

Debt Collection: How to get your money in your bank account without the stress The Numbers Never Lie Do you need help getting back on your feet?

47. Prosperity Now Blog @prosperitynow

Prosperity Now was established to expand economic opportunity for Americans hoping to start and grow their own business. This blog features ideas and stories from Prosperity Now and other leading voices in their community who are opening the door to opportunity for millions of Americans. The blog is regularly updated with thought-provoking opinions, research and advice. Three posts we liked:

The CFPB Wants to Make the Debt Collection Industry Safer for Consumers This Month, Join Us in Improving Financial Health & Well-Being for All “I’m Sorry”: Apologizing for Tax Preparation Errors

48. Professional Recovery Consultants (PRC) @ProRecovery

Founded in 1979, PRC has grown to become North Carolina’s premier debt recovery service. With a reputation for providing a hassle-free service that gets results, the company blog is well worth your time.

Three posts we liked: What Happens When You Hire a Debt Collection Agency? What Can You Say to Your Credit Reporting Agency? What to Expect in Collections in 2017

49. Qualco Blog @qualco_sa

Qualco is a global debt collection service that helps companies to maximize the performance of their debt portfolio. Their insights blog is regularly updated with actionable tips in compliance and business performance.

Three posts we liked:

“In an ideal world, all your business decision-making could be done by machine” The Importance of Selecting the Right MSP for Your Collections and Recoveries Five Ways a Managed Service Collections and Recoveries Approach Can Positively Engage Your Customers to Successfully Recover Debt

50. AGA Blog & Articles @AGAcollections

AG Adjustments is a second generation commercial debt collection agency. For over 45 years we’ve had experience delivering excellent results to our customers across all industries.

Three posts we liked:

Maximizing Your Ability to Collect Seven Signs To Consider When Placing Your Customer For Collections CreditToday’s Staff Benchmarking Survey

51. Consolidated Credit@ConsolidatedCA

Since 2005, Consolidated Credit has helped over a million Canadians. Our trained credit counsellors work with you to develop a personalized plan for overcoming your debt problem for good.

Three posts we liked:

Average Canadian Debt Continues to Climb What is the Best Strategy to Save Money? When good debt becomes bad debt

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