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ROI from your investment in speech analytics? Absolutely!


The Team at CallMiner

June 12, 2017

papers with key metrics and magnifying glass
papers with key metrics and magnifying glass

While recent data show there is a growing and pronounced trend in the deployment of speech analytics to improve overall contact center performance and compliance, recent market penetration data shows that over 60% of US based contact centers have still not implemented a speech analytics solution. Organizations polled cite two main reasons for their reluctance to invest in speech analytics — fear of cost and implementation complexity.

While there is no “easy button” to deploy speech analytics, contact center stakeholders should absolutely expect a return on investment when the system is properly designed, the charter is established upfront, and the plan is well-executed.

Lessons learned from literally hundreds of speech analytics deployments reveal that correctly aligning business objectives with the capabilities of speech analytics results in significant improvements in operational efficiency, agent productivity, customer satisfaction, compliance adherence and sales.

Over the next several weeks we will post a series of ROI themed blogs targeted toward achieving specific business values, based on formulas and approaches speech analytics users have employed to gain measurable and lasting success with their solution.

Coinciding with the beginning of this new ROI blog series is the launch of CallMiner’s speech analytics ROI calculator. You can use this calculator to help compute the potential ROI you can realize through the applied use of this game-changing technology. You can also use this information to justify your investment to your CFO and other members of the executive team.

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