Screen Record

Gain complete visibility into the agent and customer interaction  

CallMiner Screen Record empowers front-line customer agents and their managers with screen recordings made during customer interactions to drive robust insight into agent effectiveness. Customer-facing teams gain more visibility into every aspect of the agent and customer interaction to improve the customer experience. 

CallMiner Screen Record

Power your analytics with screen recording

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Better understand every interaction

Screen Record can help fill in interaction gaps when used alongside audio recording. For example, silence in a recording may not reveal the cause of a pause. Screen recordings can uncover exactly where an agent might be having difficulty, indicating a process improvement need, such as redundant system logins, too many keystrokes, unclear application UI and more. Supervisors can also gain insight into on-screen distractions that may be taking agents away from focusing on customer needs. 

Visualize the screen alongside the call audio

Labeled and secure UI

Support compliance and quality assurance initiatives

  • Screen Record helps ensure compliance and quality assurance by recording the screen alongside the audio file 
  • Use Screen Record to train and coach agents on updated procedures and best practices  
  • Easily access past recordings and review as needed 

UIF Coach EnsureCompliance

Drive organizational improvement

  • Improve AHT, FCR and other important metrics 
  • See how the agent is engaging with systems on their screen to prioritize process improvements 
  • Get a better understanding of every customer interaction  

UIF Coach EnhancedEngagement

Support remote agents

  • Effectively coach, train and onboard agents while working remotely 
  • Help supervisors zero in on calls and provide meaningful feedback 
  • Get the benefits of face-to-face coaching while working remote  

Key Features

Synchronize Audio and Video

Easily synchronize audio and video playback for a better overall understanding of the quality of agent and customer interactions.

Minimize Storage Requirements

Trigger Screen Record when the agent connects to a call. Only changes in screen activity are captured, therefore, you only record active movement on the screen.

Simple Learning Curve

Agents can start using Screen Record quickly and easily. A simple desktop client installation is all that is necessary to begin seamlessly recording agent screens for analysis.