Uncover actionable insights to drive brand fidelity

Harness AI and ML to reduce survey analysis effort and capture new sources of customer feedback. Better manage brand sentiment, stay ahead of crises, improve campaign effectiveness, and understand brand perceptions. 

Keep a pulse on changing brand sentiment

Go beyond surveys to monitor 100% of omnichannel customer interactions and track changing sentiment in-the-moment. Detect drivers of sentiment and proactively address early warning signs before they become brand emergencies.

Inspire and improve campaigns and new messaging

Uncover top trends, topics and market responses, or surface compelling user-generated content to inspire campaign ideas. Capture authentic customer feedback to better understand drivers of campaign effectiveness and agilely make strategic improvements.

Reveal what makes your brand top-of-mind, in less time

Use advanced AI to reduce survey analysis and extract brand insights from new feedback sources, such as contact center conversations, social and reviews. Intelligently survey customers based what they've expressed instead of operational or behavioral data.

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Drive better brand experiences with AI-driven insights

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Get more out of your survey programs

Improve survey targeting and rapidly analyze survey responses with advanced AI. 

  • Capture key customer characteristics to better target future surveys and zero in on the exact right audience to poll
  • Easily search to uncover customers with specific criteria, such as those with high satisfaction, frustration, churn behaviors, have experienced a specific issue, and more
  • Analyze survey responses instantly at scale with AI and ML, allowing brand teams to make agile brand decisions
  • Combine survey data with unsolicited customer feedback data for a more holistic view of your customer

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Improve brand experience with authentic customer feedback

Increase the power of your brand experience strategy with in-the-moment insights into what customers say and feel about your company.

  • Gain actionable insights – along with critical context – from unsolicited customer conversations, such as those in contact centers 
  • Quickly compare how customers felt about an interaction against their remembered sentiment and experience after time has passed
  • Tap into your contact center to better understand the issues that are causing customers to churn or become brand detractors
  • Take action with in-the-moment brand insights, leading to more agile teams and the ability to quickly address negative brand events 

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Gain a holistic view of your brand as your customers see it

Combine customer conversation, brand survey, behavioral, segmentation, and operational data for a complete view of customer and brand fidelity.

  • Brine unsolicited and solicited customer feedback data together to inspire teams to do more
  • Route brand experience insights from CallMiner to dashboards accessed by other stakeholders for transparency and initiative buy-in
  • Evaluate brand health metrics with overall impact on your brand strategy and bottom line

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We kicked off the program with our customer care division, and expanded globally to supply chain, product, marketing and other departments.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial