Drive greater intelligence with a connected ecosystem

Transform the way you do business by connecting your data and applications through our powerful, open platform with APIs, Connectors and the Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS).

CallMiner Integrations

Magnify breadth and depth of analytics with

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Ease and flexibility to connect data sources and teams 

  • Connect every interaction and customer data source through the CallMiner platform
  • Support CX teams, data scientists and other users with enriched conversation and customer data

open API

Truly open API 

  • Empower business users and developers with open, standards-based API access for secure, auto-redacted integrations  
  • Create scalable, secure integrations to and from the CallMiner platform 
  • Connect to the transcription engine of your choice to meet language or industry specific needs with OVTS

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Pre-built, fully supported Connectors 

  • Rapidly integrate with Connectors – pre-built, tested, scalable integrations with enterprise-level security that are maintained and supported by CallMiner
  • Eliminate the need for IT staff to build and support integrations across your tech stack
  • Enable faster deployment of technology while freeing up valuable resources

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Integrated CRM and enterprise systems

  • Sync conversation analytics with CRM technologies, such as Salesforce, BI, contact center and CX solutions for greater intelligence
  • Share information across the organization while eliminating data silos
  • Simplify and automate workflows with RPA integration

omnichannel insights

A 360º view of your customer

  • Break down silos and understand VoC across systems and throughout the customer journey
  • Unlock deeper insights by combining conversation, CRM, CX, customer feedback and operational data
  • Drive measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and financial performance
  • Connect the dots between customer satisfaction and business impact

Connectors Datasheet: Pre-Built, Packaged Integrations with Enterprise Platforms

Learn about our pre-packed integrations with other leading platforms

Key Features

Two-way integrations

Easily import and export data with bre-built Connectors or the open developer API


Support audio, text, chats, video and metadata at scale

Real time

Real-time API supports alerting and next-best-action guidance to drive efficiency


CallMiner enables our internal teams to collect omnichannel data for analysis and gain new insights.

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