Uncover insights from sales conversations to increase revenue

Understand 100% of sales conversations to more effectively identify behaviors that drive conversions, improve training across teams, and meet your numbers.

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Reveal areas of opportunity

Use conversation analytics to understand what’s working and what’s not across your agent base to improve performance.

Pinpoint optimal selling behavior

Automatically uncover the agent behaviors that generate the most leads and conversions and use them to improve training.

Reduce time-consuming processes

Equip your sales team with direct access to insights and reports that cut down on manual processes.

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Maximize sales effectiveness

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Increase sales results, without increasing workload

Leveraging the insights uncovered from customer conversations makes it easier to increase leads and conversions.

  • Close more sales by analyzing voice of the customer via voice and text-based interactions
  • Use customer insights to drive better, more qualified leads
  • Understand prospect and customer preferences to deliver personalized content and experiences

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Successfully manage and train sales teams

Automated quality monitoring and scoring makes it possible to understand where teams are excelling or falling short and drive improvements.

  • Gain insights into how sales teams are performing in real time and post-customer interactions to optimize training methods
  • Real-time alerting enables supervisors to support sales reps in the moment to improve outcomes
  • Visibility into sales performance insights enables more accurate tracking of progress and milestones

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Conquer your goals and quotas

Understand customer expectations to more effectively identify and take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Better qualify leads to feel confident in your pipeline and conversion rates
  • Translate sales agents’ face-to-face skills to a digital sales world
  • Grab the attention of prospects overwhelmed by generic sales calls and emails with personalized interactions

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Not only were our sales calls faster, but we were actually getting more money from each call as well.

Carl Stuerke

Director of Operations, Slimware Utilities


Speech analysis helped us establish a lack of value delivery during sales calls and gaps in language fluency. We armed our agents with shorter, more value-driven scripts. Additionally, we provided longer training cycles before agents got on the phone. The results have been great.

Ed Lee

Business Analyst, Slimware Utilities