Meet compliance regulations and customer expectations  

Financial services and banking organizations face two unique challenges – delivering the best customer experience (CX), while staying compliant with critical industry regulations. Conversation analytics holds the key to both.

Deliver omnichannel excellence

Leverage voice of the customer (VoC) intelligence to improve CX during every interaction regardless of channel.

Understand every interaction

Monitor and analyze 100% of conversations with automated Quality Assurance (QA) to uncover agent performance and interaction trends.

Leverage metadata for even more value

Scan for interactions that use specific categories and key words to uncover agent and customer trends and identify areas of improvement.

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Banks, lenders, mortgage services, brokerages and other financial institutions can now

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Differentiate from the competition with better customer experience

Tap into conversational insights to identify and deliver on customer demands to survive in the industry that has the second highest churn rate.

  • Avoid mistakes traditionally made by inexperienced and unknowledgeable agents, one of the most common reasons for bank churn
  • Identify emerging customer issues to prevent customers from feeling unfairly treated, a common warning sign of losing a customer in financial services
  • Improve processes such as bill payment, balance transfers, closing an account, and more

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Improve sales and marketing strategies

Understand customer interactions to deliver insights, value and opportunities beyond the contact center.

  • Understand how customers are reacting to campaigns and make adjustments to improve outcomes as they reallocate investments, request a higher credit limit, or purchase additional financial products.
  • Discover what customers are saying about competitors to improve messaging
  • Deliver real-time insights and next-best-action guidance to agents for cross- and up-selling opportunities

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Automate regulation compliance

By monitoring 100% of interactions, financial services and banking firms can more effectively adhere to consumer protection rules and other regulatory standards at scale.

  • Understand how agents and advisors are using compliance language to improve scripting and training
  • Alert supervisors to potential regulatory infractions to create coachable moments, improve performance over time, and reduce compliance risk
  • Identify customer who might require specific disclosures and alert agents in real time

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