Power business success with customer insights

Technology and SaaS companies are having more customer conversations than ever before. Analyze interactions at scale, uncover insights and drive transformational business improvement.

Reduce customer churn

Use faster issue resolution to retain increasingly demanding customers who have more vendors to choose from with low switching costs.

Improve CSR performance

Discover trends from top-performing customer service reps to inform best practices that can be applied across the organization.

Enhance operational efficiency

Solve complaints quickly and make improvements to prevent future problems by analyzing 100% of customer interactions.

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Technology companies can now

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Deliver superior customer experience

Differentiate from the competition with the best CX throughout the entire customer journey to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Analyze root causes of customer issues to increase first contact resolution while reducing transfers and escalations
  • Gain better insight into what customers want and the best way to provide it with the fastest processes
  • Identify, resolve and predict future issues quickly across your organization

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Increase bottom line results

Leverage insights from conversations at scale to dramatically enhance operational efficiency and drive improvement enterprise-wide.

  • Understand customer preferences, emotions and sentiment as they relate to your products, services and more
  • Uncover insights and trends that you may not have known otherwise about your customer base with the help of AI-driven search
  • Take action on those insights to drive improvement across every department, including product, sales, marketing and finance

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Drive performance improvement across CSRs

Identify the processes and behaviors that are delivering results for CSRs, and apply them throughout the entire team.

  • Reduce agent turnover and training time by providing data-driven feedback and clear paths to success
  • Understand what works and what doesn't in customer interactions, such as scripting, and coach those best practices to CSRs
  • Help supervisors better support CSRs in real time with in-the-moment guidance and next-best actions to drive better customer outcomes

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The CallMiner platform is simple to access, implement and deploy. With little training, one can be an expert.

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