Omnichannel redaction for data repositories 

Many contact centers are required to keep audio and text-based communication data, but personal information is at risk due to lack of redaction or manual pause-and-resume recording failures. CallMiner Redact ensures you can meet security and compliance standards by automatically removing sensitive customer data. 

Redact Main UI

Automated security that ensures private data protection

Redact secondary image of someone typing

Uncover insights from customer conversations with less exposure

Safely store and share audio and transcription data for audit purposes, as well as to mine historical data for interaction insights and agent training, without worrying about security risks. 

Gain deep intelligence without exposing private customer information

Labeled and secure UI

Labeled and secure redaction

  • See the redaction type directly within transcripts for additional visibility into redacted data
  • Dozens of out-of-the-box entities and custom redaction options to account for aliases, misrecognized and specific words
  • Apply customized redaction configurations based on data source and eliminate sensitive data from chats, SMS and social media

Product Innovation December Redaction

Customer protection

  • Ensure both written and audio records are protected as defined by PCI, PII and PHI security standards
  • Surpass the standards of encryption for fully redacted documentation
  • Protect all sensitive data, such as medical information, credit card, social security numbers and more

Audit proof compliance UI

Audit-proof compliance

  • Reduce the stress associated with systems that rely on pausing and can be prone to human error
  • Trust that security audits will be passed with 100% compliance
  • Apply the technology to 100% of communications, including incoming calls, call archives and text-based conversations

Key Features


Proven algorithms deliver security and confidence for audio and text-based data redaction.


Exclude non-sensitive number data, such as dollar values, phone numbers, or dates from redaction.


Contributes toward security compliance standards such as PCI sensitive data at rest, as well as HIPAA and other PII requirements.


Out-of-the-box entities and custom redaction options to account for aliases, misrecognized and specific words, redaction is more precise than ever before.


Adapt to changing and growing needs with cloud-based infrastructure.