Why Customer Engagement Analytics?

Elevate the customer experience. Improve agent performance. Communicate via your customer’s preferred
channels. Power your business with custom insights. Optimize outcomes.

Products Overview

Originally built to scale for the largest enterprises and data, CallMiner has expanded its customer engagement software product capabilities to include all channels of customer conversations including calls, chat, email, texts, social media, surveys among other mediums and offers solutions for both large enterprises and smaller contact centers.

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Customer engagement analytics platform


Daily interactions licensed for analysis

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Agent performance management portal


Agents receiving direct automated feedback

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Automated real-time call monitoring


Alerts served in a single day

Customers Overview

We’ve built strong everlasting relationships with companies around the world. We pride ourselves in providing them with the right analytical tools that will produce results they expect. See our case studies for specifics on the positive impact of our products in your organization.

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