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CallMiner Named a Leader
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AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018

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  • “AI-fueled speech analytics now drives engaging customer conversations, gauges customer sentiment, surfaces unexpected customer insights, increases marketing effectiveness, and improves sales conversations.”

  • “CallMiner’s real-time and business insights capabilities stand out among WFO suites.”

  • “CallMiner has the most advanced, enterprise-ready speech analytics functionality.”

  • “CallMiner has combined traditional speech analytics with machine learning to improve ease of use and accuracy while still providing control and transparency.”

  • “CallMiner is enabling customers to take action in real-time.”

How it Works

CallMiner Eureka leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze every customer interaction, across all channels, and automatically uncover actionable intelligence.

All Customer Interactions

CallMiner Eureka Platform

Actionable Intelligence


Social Media


SMS Text Messages



Curated Categorization

Custom Categorization

Predictive Scoring

Speech Recognition

Speaker Separation

Sentiment Analysis

Secure Redaction

Alert Generation

Calls per hour

1 Trillion
Words per year

39 Billion
Category hits per year

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  • With CallMiner Eureka, we have been able to go from a sample size of 10 to 20 to 2-million and really listen to every single call that’s happening in the call center. Now, Sales is using this information to close deals; our outbound team is leveraging the right content points for selling appropriately; and our retention organization is delivering the best experience for the customer.

    Former VP Customer Care
    & Sales Operations

  • The greatest value we are getting from CallMiner is that we didn’t know what we were missing. CallMiner gives us that pervasive insight to know that what we are doing is working or not working, so that we can make positive changes and always do our best.

    Training Manager

Products Overview

We are continuously improving and expanding CallMiner Eureka products in an effort to provide our customers with the right, most updated tools to maximize ROI.

Analytics workbench, discovery, category and scoring configuration

Agent/supervisor portal, direct performance feedback

Real-time monitoring & alerting, agent next-best-action, API/message driven

Audio capture for efficient speech analytics

PCI and sensitive data redaction from audio and transcripts

Data extraction, audio / contact / data ingestion, app development

Brings speech analytics data story to life

Solutions Overview

Elevate the customer experience. Communicate via your customer’s preferred channels.
Power your business with customer insights. Optimize outcomes.

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  • "Before we had CallMiner our manual QA program was like being in a cave with a flashlight, now it's like we have a 5,000 watt spotlight!"

    Molly Sollie
    Manager of Quality Assurance

Customer Overview

We’ve built strong everlasting relationships with companies around the world. We pride ourselves in providing them with the right analytical tools that will produce the expected results. See our case studies for specifics on the positive impact of our products in your organization.

Bluegreen Vacations, located in Indianapolis, IN acquired speech analytics to reduce call volume, identify call reasons, gain call intelligence and increase quality. Since implementing their CallMiner solution, Bluegreen Vacation, a 2013 Speech Tech Implementation Award Winner, has seen their Customer Care Center go from as cost center to a profit center, improved customer satisfaction by 26%, saw agent quality jump 19% and collections increase by 48%. In addition sales of points protection reservation cancellation insurance rose by 16%.

“We see CallMiner Eureka as a valued extension to our coaching team, helping us foster our ‘CustomerOne’ environment by providing data that supports agents positive behaviors. Having all this data makes coaching much easier because there’s little dispute of the facts. Also agents can get out ahead of the process by observing their scores before they speak with their supervisor.”

Adam McCord,

Quality Analytics Manager at Bluegreen Vacations America

Using contact analytics, Nautilus discovered that their call verification process was causing considerable customer frustration. Nautilus streamlined the process and shortly after the change, the company was saving 82 seconds per call. In addition, the reduced call times resulted in a 196% increase in the number of calls that were answered within 20 seconds and call abandon rates were lowered by 36%.

“Whether we are looking to drive efficiency or increase sales we know that CallMiner can help us make informed decisions and monitor our efforts.”

Senior Manager Customer Support at Nautilus Inc.

State Collection Service, an accounts receivables management firm specializing in medical collections and a 2014 Speech Tech Implementation Award Winner, turned to CallMiner Eureka to analyze 100% of the 40,000 inbound and outbound calls handled by its agents every day. By automating the agent performance feedback process, Eureka helped recoup more than 4,000 employee hours per year.First-call resolution has increased by more than 23%, agent quality assurance scores increased by 14%, and the amount of silence on calls decreased by 12%.

“We’re monitoring calls in a way that we just weren’t able to before for things like compliance, professionalism, and courtesy. We have so much more data now. And it’s not anecdotal, it’s all factual. CallMiner gives us a good picture of the total call and everything that happened on the line.”

Tracy Dudek,

Vice President, Operations at State Collections Services, Inc.

DEFENDERS is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and is an industry leader in home services sales. The company is the top dealer of ADT security systems and a leader in HVAC services in select cities around the United States. DEFENDERS has four call centers: three inbound sales centers and one operations center which covers customer service, collections, and field support. The company’s objectives in acquiring CallMiner’s speech analytics was to monitor more calls, identify and benchmark top agent performances, improve sales performance, raise customer satisfaction levels, improve “Voice of the Customer” insights and increase agent quality scores. Since implementing their CallMiner solution, DEFENDERS now analyzes 100% of its calls, created positive agent feedback loop, seen significant and sustained improvement in agent scores, realized an 18% improvement in Net Promoter Score, and a sustained 5% increase in close rates. In addition, analytics has been an excellent source of measurable data for its agent gamification strategy.

“We’ve barely scratched the surface as to what we feel we can ultimately achieve with our speech analytics solution. One of our contact center associates said to me recently that ‘the insights and performance benefits derived from CallMiner analytics was like going from being in a cave with a flashlight to having a 5,000 watt light bulb!”

Molly Sollie,

Manager of Quality Assurance at DEFENDERS

Santander Consumer USA (SCUSA) is a leading automotive finance company with both direct and indirect lending divisions. The company currently has about 7.2 million agent connects per month across all of its contact centers. SCUSA implemented real-time monitoring using the Analyst Pool method where a team of resolution specialists monitor the alerts generated in real-time which allows them to immediately evaluate the situation and take action if necessary. If the call is intercepted, the specialists attempt to de-escalate the customer, then document the actions taken and flag the call for review. With the real-time monitoring program, SCUSA is able to minimize complaints and maintain better relationships with customers, in addition to avoiding callbacks that might have resulted from an unresolved issue.

“Customers will typically calm down once a manager comes on the line, and even though the manager will offer the same solution the agent would have, simply having a manager on the call will de-escalate the situation and allow the call to move forward.”

Kelly Seis,

VP of Quality Assurance/ Speech Analytics at SCUSA



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