Frequently Asked Questions

Customers interact with organizations on a wide range of channels – from phone, chat, email and SMS to surveys and social media. Within those conversations, customers are sharing how they feel, what they expect from services and products, indicators of their loyalty, and more. Some of that feedback is solicited, such as through surveys, while other feedback is unsolicited, such contact centers interactions. Being able to deeply understand customers and uncover insights is key to delivering better outcomes and improving customer experience (CX). To do this, organizations are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence (AI)-powered conversation intelligence solutions. The CallMiner platform captures and analyzes 100% of omnichannel customer interactions at scale, revealing insights into contact center operations, agent performance, and risk and compliance to sales and marketing effectiveness, product market-fit, and service quality. With CallMiner, organizations can connect the dots between customer insights and action, and gain the intelligence needed to drive improvement enterprise-wide. As a leader in conversation intelligence, we often get asked questions about contact center efficiency and customer experience – below are top ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for your research.