Delight customers from booking to stay and beyond 

Drive superior experiences throughout the customer journey, while increasing customer loyalty and brand affinity by analyzing 100% of omnichannel customer interactions.

Build brand loyalty

Create signature experiences across every channel, from website to contact center, with next-best-action guidance for agents in real time.

Improve customer outcomes

Discover patterns across top-performing agents and locations, and use insights to improve coaching and drive better CX.

Enhance operational efficiency

Discover trends in customer conversations by analyzing every touchpoint throughout the customer journey to identify and act on areas of improvement.

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Travel and hospitality companies can now

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Understand and improve the entire customer journey

Tap into insights across websites, mobile apps and more channels as traveler interaction habits and preferences change.

  • Proactively identify trends in customer conversations that can inform how agents better engage and respond in future interactions
  • Gain better insight into customer preferences with Voice of the Customer (VoC) intelligence
  • Uncover gaps and take action to improve CX across the customer journey

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Increase sales and improve margins

Learn how customers are responding to the latest campaigns or new offers, and make adjustments to quickly improve outcomes.

  • Understand what works and what doesn't during conversations to drive more successful cross- and up-selling opportunities
  • Share insights from customer conversations with relevant departments, such as marketing, to make improvements
  • Protect customer data with automated audio and transcript redaction of credit card and other sensitive information

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Improve agent training and drive a culture of improvement

Identify top performing agents and use those insights to improve coaching and training, ultimately driving best practices and improved performance.

  • Leverage real-time capabilities to deliver immediate agent feedback and in-the-moment guidance to improve outcomes
  • Use data-driven, objective feedback to enhance training and reduce agent turnover
  • Establish and implement best practices, such as how to reduce silence and handle time, across the agent base

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Prior to CallMiner, Gant Travel relied solely on agent dispositions for call outcomes, which according to industry standards, is only 35-45% accurate. Now we are seeing an accuracy of 80% or higher on a daily basis.

Luke Schulta

Contract Center Systems Administrator, Gant Travel