Use insights from every conversation to improve customer experience

Reveal patterns and insight at scale to understand customers, better meet their needs and expectations, and drive improved loyalty and satisfaction.

Turn insight into action

Analyzing 100% of customer interactions reveals the insights needed to identify areas of opportunity to improve CX.

Improve omnichannel customer experience

Understanding conversations at scale makes it easier to identify trends or issues across customer interactions.

Deeply understand customers

Identifying customer needs in real time enables you to personalize CX and drive loyalty.

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Intelligently enhance customer experience with impactful insights

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Leverage omnichannel feedback from every customer interaction

Go beyond solicited feedback gathered using traditional survey methods to create a complete and accurate view of CX.

  • Create strategy based on input from 100% of customer interactions, rather than just a sampling
  • Reveal the unexpected with customer insights gathered directly from unsolicited feedback
  • Compare voice and text conversations with survey feedback to identify the most impactful drivers of CX

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Intelligently meet customer expectations

Drive better experiences, higher satisfaction, and increased loyalty.

  • Reveal rich CX insight, from both customer and agent perspectives, across all voice and text-based interactions
  • Identify opportunities in real time and post-conversation to improve customer experiences and outcomes
  • Use insights to increase sales effectiveness, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), first call resolution, and more

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Use data to improve business decisions

Based on insights gleaned directly from customers conversations, make better business decisions enterprise-wide and drive growth.

  • Consolidate intelligence from customer conversations to improve CX in and beyond the contact center
  • Use CX insights to help executives understand what’s working and what’s not, and help inform decision-making
  • Take action to improve CX to drive ROI and long-term customer relationships

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