Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty using AI insights from all interactions

Reveal patterns and insight at scale to understand customers and better meet their needs and expectations. Use a data-driven CX strategy to drive loyalty and grow your business. 

Achieve higher customer satisfaction - quickly

Track changing sentiment in real-time and uncover what's driving it to respond quickly and drive higher satisfaction.

Retain your current customers

Reveal rich CX insight across your customer base to identify experience gaps, predict churn, and manage complaints.

Drive profitable customer behavior

Identify what’s driving repeat transactions and higher loyalty by segment. Harness AI and ML to analyze customer feedback and expose cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Build a customer-centric organization with AI-driven insights

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Connect the multi-channel customer journey

Go beyond surveys to create a complete and accurate view of your customer base and their expectations. 

  • Create a data-driven strategy based on input from 100% of customer interactions, rather than just a sampling 
  • Reveal the unexpected with customer insights gathered directly from unsolicited feedback 
  • Uncover trends across the entire customer base to identify the most impactful drivers of CX 
  • Analyze feedback across all channels at scale to gain a comprehensive view of your customers' expectations and easily identify trends and experience gaps 

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CX insights at everyone's fingertips

Make better business decisions enterprise-wide and drive growth based on insights gleaned directly from customer conversations. 

  • Use CX insights to help executives understand what’s working and what’s not, and help inform decision-making 
  • Uncover critical insights with powerful AI and ML, and route them to the teams who need it 
  • Democratize data so that all teams have CX insights to drive better experiences – even alerting frontline teams of next best actions 

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Intelligently meet customer expectations

Drive better experiences, higher satisfaction, and increased loyalty. 

  • Take action to improve CX to earn customer loyalty and drive long-term customer relationships 
  • Uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities through customer feedback 
  • Identify customer needs in real-time to personalize CX and build connections 

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We have been able to use the CallMiner platform to help us meet our organizational goals and focus more on customer experience.

Shevell M.

Analyst, Mid-Market Organization (50 - 1,000 employees)


We implemented CallMiner to achieve faster time to insights with our analytics. We can pull comprehensive, ad-hoc reports for stakeholders on important CX-centric KPIs on the fly.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial


CallMiner is a market leader when it comes to improving CX. We now have the data, skills and expertise to drive the insights our clients need, make informed decisions, and effectively coach our team.

Daphnee Lysius-Dicette

Senior Product Manager, BPO division of NTT