Gain competitive advantage with deep customer insights  

More telecom and communications organizations are offering all-inclusive suites of new digital services – stand out from the crowd with insight about what matters most to your customers.

Reduce customer churn

Keep increasingly demanding customers with low cost of switching with faster issue resolution.

Multiply efficiencies

Discover trends on top-performing agents to inform coaching, script changes, and real-time next-best-action guidance.

Proactively create solutions

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.

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Telecom and communications companies can now

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Differentiate from the competition 

Deliver positive customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, regardless of channel, to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Increase first contact resolution 
  • Gain better insight into what customers want 
  • Identify and predict issues to resolve quickly 

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Drive results and increase the bottom line

Improve operational efficiency, and reduce cancellations with greater insight into what customers need. 

  • Deliver performance feedback directly to agents, reducing QA and supervisor overhead
  • Provide faster issue resolution with in-the-moment guidance based on previously successful scripts
  • Use insights to uncover process inefficiencies and take action for improvement

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Automate regulation compliance

Conversation analytics enable organizations to monitor and verify compliance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other regulations.    

  • Monitor 100% of all interactions to ensure the right language is being used at the right time
  • Identify non-compliant trends across the entire agent population to improve training, coaching and performance
  • Provide data-driven feedback with automated scoring and real-time guidance to influence agent behavior

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The CallMiner platform is simple to access, implement and deploy. With little training, one can be an expert.

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