Improve customer experience and support to remain competitive   

As the energy and utilities market faces continued deregulation, reducing operational expenses, enhancing customer experience (CX), and monitoring agent performance is critical.

Prevent customer disappointment

Over one third of gas customers and nearly as many electric customers said they left their providers because call center staff were inexperienced and not knowledgeable. Prevent churn with interaction analytics.

Resolve issues more quickly

Uncover insights and trends for better call outcomes when customers call to change service, ask about a bill, or request a service call.

Deliver a great experience

About 25% of utility customers said their mood changed from positive to negative on a call. Make a more positive impact with real-time agent coaching.

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Energy and utility companies can now 

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Reduce operational expenses

Conversation analytics makes it easier to keep interaction times under control, minimize service deployments and better support customers.

  • Improve efficiency by identifying areas for deflection
  • Identify the root cause of issues like long call times or repeat contacts and take action
  • Ensure agents are trained to resolve or escalate the most common customer pain-points

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Improve customer satisfaction, improve retention

By automatically analyzing 100% of customer interactions, energy and utilities companies can better understand the factors that impact experiences, such as repeat calls, long hold times, excessive documentation, or unhelpful agents.

  • Understanding key facts related to products, services, or policies that drive negative or positive CX
  • Improving promotional effectiveness and data capture around marketing programs and incentives
  • Identifying agents and behaviors that drive positive CX, and use that to improve training

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Get better results from agents

Provide immediate, continuous feedback directly to agents and supervisors to improve interactions in real time and performance over time.

  • Automate scoring processes to provide objective and consistent scoring on every conversation
  • Deliver in-the-moment performance feedback, with audio and conversation examples
  • Aggregate all key metrics and performance indicators in a single view to deliver data-driven feedback

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CallMiner has helped our company capture areas of opportunity that need immediate attention. It has made a significant impact.

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