Satisfy policyholders with exceptional, efficient customer experiences

In an industry where 78% of customers said they were likely to switch providers following a bad contact center experience, losing revenue is a top concern. Conversation analytics makes it possible to understand customers by monitoring 100% of calls and text-based interactions.

Enhance customer experience

In the highly competitive insurance industry, where a quarter of customers switch providers every year, it’s critical to meet all customer needs, from ensuring they can easily find information online to having solving issues during the first call.

Improve contact center agent performance

Make agents more effective in an industry where customers heavily prefer contacting over the phone by discovering trends of top-performers to inform coaching, script changes, and next-best guidance.

Turn insights into action

Understand why customers interact with you, whether it’s to process a claim, make a payment, change a premium or more, to make conversations more tailored and efficient.

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Insurance companies can now

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Understand customer journey across channels to personalize service 

Gain insight into what customers want, why they make contact and more, to improve customer experience during every step of the journey. 

  • Monitor and analyze 100% of interactions to discover customer trends and deliver proactive responses
  • Use customer feedback to address issues and improve agent performance over time
  • Identify and implement areas for process improvements, such as call routing or self-service, to enhance customer experience

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Manage compliance across all channels

Monitor and verify compliance of ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment), ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), and other insurance-related regulations.

  • Identify non-compliance from a single agent or the entire contact center to inform compliance coaching
  • Keep agents compliant with next-best guidance on interactions in real time
  • Automatically redact sensitive information, such as policy or credit card numbers, from voice and text-based transcripts

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Increase sales with improved interactions

Use conversation analytics to improve offerings by understanding customer preferences for specific products and services .

  • Accurately qualify prospects by identifying key phrases that indicate customer willingness to purchase or upgrade policies
  • Monitor and analyze all interactions to identify behavior of top agents to improve training, coaching and performance across the entire contact center
  • Discover trends across customer interactions to more effectively identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities

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