Understand your customers, drive better experiences

Harness AI and ML to automatically uncover insights from 100% of your interactions in the contact center and beyond to deliver new understanding of your customers. Improve your business and turn customers into advocates with CallMiner Analyze.

Unlock insights to meet your customer’s ever-changing needs

Take the ambiguity out of decision-making

CallMiner’s data-driven approach enables businesses to understand customer contact reasons and help coach agents to align with customer needs. Use in-the-moment insights to meet customer needs today while driving better business outcomes for the future. 

UI Analyize

Drive better experiences with

UIF Analyze OmnichannelExpansion

Omnichannel expansion

  • Visibility into all interactions across channels, however your customers engage 
  • Automated multichannel customer journey mapping  
  • Auto-scored interaction insight for every customer interaction 

UIF Analyze Innovate

AI analysis

  • Look beyond text search by exposing sentiment in voice and text with emojis and special characters  
  • Reveal unexpected topics and trends within conversations using customizable searches or pre-built analytics content 
  • Discover related terms and phrases to identify trends in your interactions and provide suggestions on what to explore further 
  • Use AI to document short, digestible summaries to help uncover new insights

UIF Analyze CompanyWideSharing

Drive change beyond the contact center

  • Identify, prioritize and report on the insights that improve customer, product and brand experience 
  • Unsupervised ML offers insights necessary to predict NPS scores, anticipate customer churn and likelihood to buy 
  • Robust APIs to connect customer insights to CRM, BI tools, data lakes or other data repositories for a holistic view of your customers 

Key Features

Omnichannel ingestion

Gain visibility to customer insights across all channels of engagement – both text and voice-based.

Robust API

Marry all your data together by using pre-built integration modules or our APIs to route data to your platforms and repositories for 100% data ownership.

Advanced transcription speed & accuracy

Accurately transcribe voice-to-text from hundreds of languages with Microsoft Azure STT – a state of the art recognizer built on comprehensive ML training data.

AI-driven analytics

Harness AI and ML to gather insights from customer conversations including uncovering trends, building prediction models, and identifying areas for business improvement.

Easy data visualization

Visually represent the entire customer journey. Drill-down details reveal insights into customer behaviors, agent performance, process challenges and other root cause indicators.

Organization-wide alerting

Close the loop between customers and decision makers by raising alerts regarding critical feedback. Shorten the time to act on and improve the customer journey.

Customizable dashboards and reports

Individual and supervisor dashboards allow easier access to coaching, performance, and key insights that can lead to informed decision-making.

Secure redaction

Auto redact sensitive data including PCI DSS and custom entities. Using pattern matching, AI-based entity redaction or a combination of both.

Contact summarization

Use automatic AI and topic-based summarization to reduce agent ACW, improve coaching, zero in on insights, and identify issues beyond the contact center.


CallMiner Analyze was able to drill down into the recordings and transcripts and show what an agent specifically said as opposed to what was on the script. This gave us the metrics we needed to meet with agents to discuss performance objectively.

Mark Crowley

Quality and Compliance Manager, DoublePositive