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Extracting valuable insights with text analysis

Text analytics is the process of extracting data from written texts to understand customer behavior and thoughts, aiming to improve customer experience. Read this blog to learn more.

Creating a cohesive omnichannel customer support experience

Technology allows for businesses to offer numerous contact methods to customers. Omnichannel customer support creates a bridge between each support ch...

Five strategies to supercharge your sales effectiveness

Sales effectiveness measures how well your team generates leads and closes sales throughout the customer journey. Learn how the right sales strategies...

The top differences between call centers and contact centers

Using a call center or contact center to address customer needs is key, but it's important to know the different features of these customer service hu...

Workforce engagement management: Strategies, tools & best practices

Read this blog to learn about workforce engagement management, which is a set of tools that help organizations improve employee satisfaction, producti...

A guide to customer experience tools: Boosting satisfaction and loyalty

CX tools make it easier for businesses to connect with and learn from their customers. From social media management to sales automation, these tools t...

How to uncover customer insights with data mining software

Read this blog to learn how data mining software can help businesses learn more about their customers and gather insights to shape the future of their...

The importance of brand experience in contact centers

Contact centers are responsible for more than simple answering customer phone calls or live chats. Read this blog to learn about the connection betwee...

CallMiner named a Leader in Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms

Forrester Research has named CallMiner a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms, Q2 2024 report.

How to harness customer insights in the age of information overload

Most companies still grapple with how to effectively collect and use customer data. This blog offers tips for cutting through the noise and use insigh...

Consumer Duty – How can contact centres help to comply?

Consumer Duty requirements were launched by the UK’s FCA in June 2023 and represent legally binding regulation for financial services. But what does t...

How to improve customer satisfaction in 2024 & beyond

Today's companies face a variety of challenges in maintaining customer satisfaction. This blog why it's important, how to improve customer satisfactio...

How to maximize AI's impact with workflows

Read this blog to learn what it takes to operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) in contact centers and beyond, focusing on the significance of wo...

AI-driven CX in tech: Navigating industry challenges & opportunities

2024 marks a significant year for the tech industry, as it navigates through economic turbulence. This blog top looks at trends shaping CX in tech and...

Best sentiment analysis tools for 2024 and beyond

Improving CX is critical, and sentiment analysis can empower companies to understand and respond to customers’ feelings and needs. This blog offers ti...

29 examples of AI use in data analytics

ChatGPT and generative AI have captured the attention of individuals and organizations alike. This blog explores the use of AI in data analytics to pr...

What is voice analytics? Definition, tips and best practices

Voice analytics is a valuable tool enabling businesses to gain valuable insights from customer interactions. Learn how the technology can help drive v...

25 tips for selecting the best customer experience solution

Improving CX is a top priority, so it’s not a surprise that there are a plethora of solutions available. Read this blog to learn why CX is important a...


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