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Maximizing customer experience in the omnichannel era

Uncovering channel-specific insights can ensure a seamless customer journey, as well as driving business improvements that make a difference in EX and CX. Read more in our blog.

Six AI questions to ask to drive customer service success

Despite all the buzz around AI, most business leaders still struggle to fully understand it. This blog answers six common AI questions to help you und...

The ultimate guide to understanding brand sentiment

When you understand what’s affecting brand sentiment positively, you can work toward honing in on those features for continued improvement. Read more ...

Four financial services CX trends to watch for 2024

Financial services teams must maintain sky-high CX and EX standards in 2024, despite major challenges. Explore the top four 2024 financial services CX...

Leveraging product intelligence to improve customer experience

Understanding how customers use and feel about the products they buy is critical. This blog looks at how product intelligence can help companies make ...

Five 2024 AI trends for the contact center and beyond

As we venture into 2024, AI for the contact center, CX and other business applications continues to evolve rapidly. Read this blog for five AI trends ...

Elevating your customers’ contact center experience

The experience your customers have with your customer service center can have positive and negative impacts. Read this blog to learn how what customer...

Build vs. buy: Leveraging generative AI for conversation intelligence

Generative AI is extremely powerful, but when it comes to TCO it’s important to understand the implications of building your own AI-powered conversati...

25 examples of responsible AI: How to leverage AI while minimizing risk

Despite increased investments in AI, concerns about AI risks are also prominent. Read this blog to learn about examples of responsible AI, showcasing ...

Challenges impacting the credit and collections industry

Frank Sherlock, CallMiner's VP of International, explores how data and technology can help overcome challenges faced in the credit and collections ind...

How real-time agent guidance enhances customer experience

Read this blog to learn how real-time guidance allows customer service agents to optimize the time they spend with customers by receiving in-the-momen...

How emotion analytics can benefit your business

Emotion analytics is just one tool that businesses can use to better understand their customers’ needs. Read this blog to learn the business benefits ...

24 tips for selecting the best text analytics software

Read this blog for expert quotes and tips to help you find the best text analytics software and tools, and maximize their value at your organization.

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: November 2023

CallMiner's Bruce McMahon shares updates from the 2023.11 release, including advanced semantic search capabilities, improved user experience in Coach,...

Buyer's guide: Top customer experience software

Customers are the bedrock of any successful business, so providing excellent customer experience is crucial. Read this blog for important elements to ...

Generative AI isn’t the only answer: The role of specialized AI techniques in conversation intelligence

This blog explores why you shouldn’t rely solely on LLMs to unveil insights in customer conversations, and offers other AI techniques that deliver con...

Voice of Customer analytics: Everything you need to know

Customers are already telling you everything you need to know about their feelings toward your brand, if you listen. Read our blog to learn how VoC an...

Three trends impacting the insurance customer experience

From inflation to climate change, this blog explores the top trends impacting modern insurers, and how these teams can improve customer experience whi...


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Frank Sherlock is the VP for CallMiner International, responsible for expanding CallMiner customer footprint in the region. Based in the UK, [...]

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