Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by analyzing 100% of customer conversations. Speech analytics and conversation analytics can help call center agents quickly identify customer emotions and react to improve customer satisfaction.

25 tips to increase customer satisfaction

Keeping customers satisfied is more important to business success than ever before. Read this blog for 25 tips to increase customer satisfaction.

Understanding the omnichannel customer journey

Gaining an understanding of the omnichannel customer journey can make it easier to harmonize your marketing and customer service efforts across channe...

Nine call center initiatives to consider

Read how top call center initiatives can boost team morale and foster a sense of achievement among your call center agents, improve call center effici...

101 customer service stats you need to know

Customer expectations are always evolving. It’s up to businesses and brands to understand those expectations and deliver exceptional customer service.

Can data help assess customer vulnerability and affordability? Yes. Here’s why

Ahead of his session at the Online Collections Technology Think Tank 2.1 on September 16, Frank Sherlock shares his thoughts on using data to identify...

Using customer journey mapping to improve CX

Deeply understanding customers is key to success. By leveraging customer journey maps, your company can keep up with its customers' evolving needs and...

Three tips for delivering great omnichannel customer service

As customer expectations shift, more and more expect a seamless experience across channels. Organizations need to deliver omnichannel customer service.

What is conversational intelligence?

Conversational intelligence is a powerful tool that can help organizations gain a deeper understanding of customer interactions. Read more about what ...

The ultimate guide to sentiment and emotion analysis

Sentiment and emotion analysis enables businesses to keep track of how customers feel about products and services. This blog shares how these insights...

Understanding and driving omnichannel customer experience

Deepening the connection between your customers and your brand should be your top priority when implementing an omnichannel customer experience strate...

Forrester study highlights the value of customer intelligence

Discover why Forrester Consulting examined the latest trends in customer intelligence.

What is conversation analytics?

Conversation analytics offers the potential for organizations to better understand their customers. Read more about how to get the most out of this po...

How to improve the customer journey

It's important to consider what factors impact customer journey and what can make it better. Learn how to improve customers’ journeys to improve your ...

Tips & strategies for improving customer experience

Read this blog to learn how the right tips and strategies can help your organization deliver positive, effective customer experience.

20 Business Leaders Share How Call Centers Can Address Increased Customer Vulnerability

Learn how call centers can more effectively identify, address and manage customer vulnerability.

25 Experts Reveal How Companies Can Use Omnichannel Technology to Improve Customer Service

Read this article to learn how omnichannel technology can enhance customer service.

What is Customer Vulnerability?

Read this article to learn how to identify, support and retain vulnerable customers.

25 Experts Reveal the Top Things Customer Self-Service Systems Do to Hurt Customer Experience

Read this blog to learn what can go wrong with self-service systems and how these issues can hinder the customer experience.

Outbound Call Center Tips & Best Practices

To help your outbound calling operation overcome typical obstacles, we’ve rounded up this selection of immensely useful tips.

What is Customer Feedback Management (CFM)?

See how customer feedback management is the increasingly technical process of sourcing feedback from customers and using it to inform business decisio...

Gone Virtual: Recap of the CETX Conference

After months of organizing, and re-organizing, we’re proud to say that our first virtual Customer Engagement Transformation Exchange (CETX) was a succ...

Emotions List: A List of Emotions & How to Identify Them

Cultivating emotional intelligence is important for every customer service agent. Here is a list of emotions and how to identify them.

22 Customer Service Experts Reveal How Call Center Reps Should Address Complaints About Bad Customer Service

A panel of customer service experts and call center professionals explain how call center reps should address complaints about bad customer service.

24 Marketers, CX Experts & Analytics Pros Reveal the Most Creative Uses of Predictive Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience

Marketers, analytics pros, and CX experts named these the most innovative ways companies are leveraging predictive analytics to improve customer exper...

What is Customer Value?

This article helps define customer value, its importance within any growing organization and how to enhance the value it offers those it serves.

10 Omnichannel Customer Service Best Practice Tips

Top 10 tips for using an omnichannel strategy to meet your customers' high expectations for digital customer service across multiple platforms.

Best Practices for Call Center Scripts: Expert Tips & Best Practices for Developing & Using Effective Call Center Scripts

Follow these tips and best practices for developing effective call center scripts and using scripts to your advantage.

25 Surefire Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

What are some ways companies can drive customer satisfaction in today’s consumer-centric landscape? Here’s our curated list of 25 tactics.

22 Customer Service & Customer Experience Managers Share the Best Ways to Handle a Disgruntled Employee

A panel of management professionals addresses the best way for customer service / experience managers to handle a disgruntled employee.

25 Conflict Resolution Strategies for Customer Service

Read this article to learn some of the best conflict resolution strategies for contact center agents can implement.

Customer Journey Mapping: Templates, Examples & Tools

Customer journey maps come in a variety of formats and you can choose whatever option works best for your requirements.

12 Call Center Best Practices You Need to Be Doing Right Now

What are some call center best practices for retaining top talent and improving the customer experience? Take a look in CallMiner’s latest blog post.

What is Voice of the Customer? Templates, Examples & More

This article describes the Voice of the Customer process in great detail and provides a few useful templates and examples of the functions that compri...

Business Process Outsourcing Tips & Resources

This article help round up best tips and resources on the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) from 25 different experts.

What is Sentiment Analysis? Tools, Best Practices & More

Among the many metrics worth considering to improve your organization's efficiency, sentiment analysis stands out as particularly powerful.

What is Business Intelligence? Examples, Uses & More

In this article, we cover the essential elements of business intelligence and address their potential for helping organizations grow.

37 HR Professionals & Hiring Managers Share the Most Useful Customer Service Interview Questions for Managers

We reached out to a panel of hiring managers to find out which interview questions are most useful when interviewing for customer service managers.

First Call Resolution Ideas

Here are some tips and ideas that you can implement today to directly improve the first call resolution rate in your contact center.

Call Center Metrics Best Practices

Use these metrics to design a powerful development plan for your contact center agents, find areas of operations in which you are losing money, and mo...

What is CSAT? Definition, How to Measure CSAT & Tips

In this post, we discuss customer empathy and why it’s crucial for a positive customer experience, as well as tips for how you can start building and ...

Consumer Empathy: 5 Tips for Deepening Customer Empathy

In this post, we discuss customer empathy and why it’s crucial for a positive customer experience, as well as tips for how you can start building and ...

Call Center Metrics Agents Should Be Aware Of…But Probably Aren’t

We asked a panel of 20 call center pros about the most important call center metrics reps and agents should be aware of (but many aren’t) and what man...

Call Center Statistics You Should Know

Here 25 interesting call center statistics that may prove helpful in deciding whether the use of one for your own business's strategy is appropriate.

Examples of Customer Engagement Strategies & Tips from the Pros

Here are 25 valuable strategies and expert tips for improving customer engagement - the totality of interactions between your company and its clientel...

Call Center Metrics: Examples, Tips & Best Practices

These tips provide valuable insight into choosing and using call center metrics more effectively to condense performance data into actionable insights.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Examples, Templates & Tips for Better Surveys

Learning how to optimize your own surveys can help your business capture key information from customers consistently.

What is Customer Effort Score?

Does using your product or service require too much effort from your customers? Here's an overview of customer effort score, how it works, and measuri...

Reduce Employee & Customer Churn with Actionable Engagement Insights

It’s no secret that customer churn is costing businesses huge amounts. Here's how to identify actionable insights to reduce employee and customer chur...

CallMiner Infographic: What The %!#* Is Going On

Use of profanity by customers in the contact center is on the rise and that’s bad for business.

What is First Call Resolution? Benefits, Challenges, Examples, & Best Practices for Improving FCR

A contact center’s ability to resolve customer problems, questions or needs the first time they call. High first call resolution (FCR) rates, paired w...

5 Standards of Excellent Customer Listening

High quality Customer Listening programs always meet the same 5 standards. Failing to meet these standards often steers companies off course.

What is NPS? Definition, Techniques, Tools and Tips from Experts

Here’s what you need to know about Net Promoter Score (NPS), how it works, and techniques, along with expert NPS best practices you should know.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions: Tips, Examples & Best Practices

Customer satisfaction surveys come in several forms, ranging from one question to many, and different types of surveys have different purposes and que...

Want to Improve the Patient Experience? Stop Sending Bad Surveys

From what I observe, when it comes to measuring the patient experience, good customer survey design is rare. And using mixed methods to uncover insigh...

Customer Experience Analytics: 25 Expert Tips & Best Practices

These expert tips and best practices on leveraging customer experience analytics will help you leverage CX analytics to the fullest potential.

What is a Customer Experience Map? How to Create an Effective Customer Experience Map

Customer experience mapping is a valuable tool for monitoring and improving the customer experience. Here’s how to create an effective CX map.

For Better Customer Experience,Take a Closer Look at Context in Your Contact Center

Speech analytics lets you see the “why” and “how” behind 100% of customer conversations.

Got Empathy? 3 Ways to Train Your Contact Centers Agents To Be More Empathetic

By analysing every interaction for empathy, it’s possible to identify how your call center agents turn a difficult call into a good customer outcome.

What is Customer Experience Analysis?

A customer experience analysis is an important tool for identifying potential shortcomings and improving the customer experience.

Customer Experience Management Tips & Best Practices

Does your company’s CX management program stack up? These 25 expert tips will help you transform your customer experience and boost customer loyalty.

LISTEN 2019 Keynote Speakers Lineup Announced!

We are excited to announce the keynote lineup for our annual speech analytics user conference, LISTEN, November 4-6, 2019.

See You at Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas

CallMiner is excited to return to CCW as a sponsor, exhibitor, and workshop host featuring expert insights and customer testimonials for leveraging in...

When Automated QA Meets Digital Transformation You Fly a Friendlier Sky

In a recent case study, Praxidia uncovers new insights and finding improvement opportunities for a major airline with automated quality assurance.

3 Reasons Why Agent Empathy Makes for Happier Customers

Call centres give customers reasons to leave and to stay. Having agent empathy is key to creating happier customers who are coming to you with a probl...

Find Out Why Customers Engage Through the Science of Conversation

By implementing AI-powered speech analytics, organizations own the key that unlocks the science of conversation by filling a position that goes beyond...

The Agent Churn Cycle: Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

Discover the most common problems found across the industry and how AI-powered speech analytics solutions can help churn-proof your call center today.

Voice of the Customer Surveys: Expert Tips for Creating Effective Surveys & Must-Ask Questions for Gaining Valuable Insights

By leveraging a Voice of the Customer analytics solution, you’ll combine insights from surveys, email, phone, and chat for a comprehensive picture of ...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Engagement Analytics from CCW

Here are a few “do’s and don’ts” to consider from CCW interview when integrating a customer engagement analytics platform to improve your business str...

What is Customer Journey Analytics?

Customer interactions don’t exist in a vacuum, and neither should your data. Find out how customer journey analytics break down data silos to provide ...

CX Analytics Summit London Was a Jolly Good Time

The event featured speakers from CallMiner experts and customers Cabot and DLG who shared their stories of analytics success.

The True Path to Measuring Customer Sentiment Through Speech Analytics

While asking for direct feedback is a critically important component of measuring customer sentiment, surveys have several limitations for VOC trackin...

6 Ways to Go Beyond the Survey with Speech Analytics

Company's look to solicited feedback, surveys, review sites and social media for how they are doing. It is only a portion of the customer experience s...

Solution News: CallMiner Launches Customer Experience Solution Pack

The CallMiner Customer Experience Solution Pack is designed to harness data, as well as accelerate time to insight with a categorization framework des...

The Call Center Can Be a Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Read three things I think your call center could do to drive higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Hear from the Experts How AI Drives Better Customer Experiences

Using artificial intelligence to evaluate and understand past contact center conversations shows businesses what to expect and gives them the opportun...

Does Average Handle Time (AHT) Really Matter?

A major point of debate around Average Handle Time (AHT) is it is now a useless metric for understanding how effective you are at measuring customer e...

ICYMI: CallMiner Top 10 Stories of 2018

CallMiner had amazing product news, awards and press in 2018 and in case you missed it, below are 10 highlights from the year!

How to Invite the Most Honest Customer Feedback: Partner Case Study

Companies seem eager to know what we think about everything. But does it work? And do they get scientific data that helps them improve? Let's start at...

Why Digital Channel Frustration Leads to Frustrated Calls Into the Call Center

The CallMiner Index reveals the reasons why consumers switch suppliers. One of the key observations from the reports are about consumers’ channel pref...

190 Billion Reasons Why You Should Find the Root Causes of Complaints

I was fascinated by a recent story about the cost of complaints. I believe technology, particularly speech analytics can help in three ways.

How Listening to Customer Impacts Your Bottom Line

The CallMiner Index survey uncovered that consumers want to stay loyal, but are ‘forced’ to switch because of bad or ineffective supplier practices. B...

Stop Avoidable Customer Churn With Great Agent Behavior

The CallMiner Index report shows that the wrong behavior drives customer churn, with 55% of consumers saying they are very or extremely likely to swit...

Not Valuing Customers Leads to $136 Billion Switching Epidemic

The report titled the CallMiner Index features survey responses from US adults who had contacted a supplier's contact center in the last five years le...

Announcing Medallia Partnership to Empower Voice of the Customer Insights

CallMiner announced a partnership with Medallia, the leader in Customer Experience Management cloud technology.

Thoughts From The AI Summit In San Francisco

Last week we had the opportunity to attend and speak, and really geek out at the AI Summit in San Francisco, the heart of technology innovation.

50 Must-See Customer Engagement Presentations

We’ve rounded up 50 must-see customer engagement presentations from leading organizations and industry thought leaders.

What the Hack? Join us for our Hackathon!

Launching our Hackathon - CallMiner's first! - on First Call Resolution (FCR) we want your amazing talent to create the right way to find FCR behavior...

Making Sense of CX Alphabet Soup: NPS, CSAT, CES

Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, and Customer Effort Score are scoring methods a business can use to track and calculate customer expe...

Listening & Empathy Is Key To Stemming The Tide Of Customer Churn

The CallMiner Index UK uncovered that call centres play a pivotal role in a consumer’s decision to switch their suppliers or stay loyal.

LISTEN Update: Award Nominations, New Keynote, Hackathon, Workshops, Sessions & Activities!

This year’s 10th LISTEN event, October 23-25th, provides educational, informative and interactive content in more than 30 sessions for all levels of C...

Putting Customer Conversations to Work in the Call Center

Customers have conversations with more than one department in your organization during the customer lifecycle journey. Customer interaction analytics ...

5 Benefits of Collecting Metrics to Identify Common Contact Reasons

Once you’ve collected the data, you need to do something with it to improve the customer experience and deliver exceptional customer service consisten...

Check In On Key 2018 Trends in Contact Center & Customer Experience

Read the full Aberdeen report here to gain a full understanding of which strategies and trends are most important in 2018.

Improving Healthcare Customer Experience With Speech Analytics

Here are four ways speech analytics assists healthcare providers with regulatory compliance.

New research gives you 25 billion reasons to understand why customers say goodbye

CallMiner published the CallMiner Index – a customer churn survey report that reveals a switching epidemic that is costing British businesses at least...

SiriusXM CallMiner Success Story Podcast Highlights from CCW

During the recent Customer Contact Week event, I had the pleasure of joining CallMiner customer, Emily Deragon, a senior solutions manager for SiriusX...

4 Measurements of CX Success in the Outsourced Contact Center

Do you use outsourced contact centers? These 4 vital measurements can help evaluate the effectiveness of BPO processes and agent performance.

Conversations with Your Customers: Tone is Everything!

Research is making it clear that when it comes to business interactions, tone matters. And if you’re not taking advantage of these insights in your co...

Q&A on Best Practices and Guidelines for Purchasing Speech Analytics Webinar

I had the pleasure of speaking on a webinar, Best Practices and Guidelines Purchasing Speech Analytics. But I wanted to share with you some of the que...

Analyze Customer Churn with Speech Analytics

Speech analytics can listen for various churn signals on phone calls including keywords or phrases or voice pitch in addition to calculating a churn r...

The Role of AI in Customer Experience [Infographic]

See in our infographic more insights and predictions on how AI is changing the customer experience for the consumer and in your call center.

6 Ways to Reduce Call-backs with the Right Language

First call resolution is arguably one of the most important key performance indicators (KPI’s) because it shows how effective your agents are during c...

Growth of Conversational Commerce

Overall, customer culture is evolving, and consumers have a desire for more accessible communication methods that let them interact with businesses wh...

Getting to the Root of Displeasure

Managing a large number of complaints or repeat callers, it is costly to businesses in the way of financial resources and agent productivity.

5 Times When Voice Wins Over Customer Self-Service

Every year post-holiday analysis shows there are some significant challenges at play in the retail sector and it will most likely continue in the same...

Contact Center Customer Experience Best Practices

This post will help you zero-in on those technologies and best practices proven to produce Customer Experience results.

101 Customer Experience Tips: CX in the Contact Center, Planning & Strategy, Customer Experience Tools & Technology, and More

We’ve rounded up 101 expert tips to help you leave a lasting, positive impact by creating an innovative, meaningful customer experience.

NPS Scores and CX Scorecards: Is Your Survey Data Telling the Whole Story?

Net Promoter Scores are touted as valuable tools for customer satisfaction and improving experience. But relying on this data alone fails to paint the...

Using Speech Analytics to Identify Vulnerable Customers

Both UK energy and water companies offer services specifically designed to support customers in vulnerable positions due to situations such as medical...

What Are Customer Satisfaction Rating & Importance Scales? Challenges and Best Practices for Using Customer Satisfaction Rating & Importance Scales

As companies strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences, they appreciate getting feedback – and its related insights – directly from the custo...

What is Service Delivery Optimization?

This is the core of service delivery optimization: helping employees outside the contact center manage service delivery just as well as your contact c...

How to Measure & Improve Call Center Average Speed of Answer

Average speed of answer is one of the most important metrics for call centers. It is closely tied to those of average handle time and first call resol...

What is Omnichannel Customer Engagement?

Omnichannel customer engagement best practices and solutions empower companies to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences.

Top Customer Experience Podcasts: 50 Must-Listen Podcasts on Customer Experience from Industry Experts and Influencers

We’ve rounded up 50 of the top customer experience podcasts so you can spend more time listening to industry thought leaders and less time searching.

The Importance of Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Experience as Energy Pricing Faces Scrutiny

With energy prices rising, the UK government recently announced an independent review into the total cost of electricity and factors that could be dri...

What is Customer Journey Mapping? How It Works, Challenges, Benefits, and More

Customer journey mapping is a diagramming technique that enables companies to visualize the path a customer takes.

Top 5 Metrics for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

In today’s customer-focused business world, that means you need to view customers as the boss. At the very least, focus on their concerns and satisfa...

How to Make your Survey Better than Nordstrom, Lowe’s, and Walmart

The surveys say they want to know about our experiences as a customer, but do they really want to know? Or, is this just PR spin?

Call Center Training Best Practices

As customer expectations are constantly increasing in terms of call center performance, so must the training methods evolve.

CX Data Analysis: Data That Delivers Exceptional Customer Experience

When you don’t deliver what your customers’ want, the customer experience is less than desirable. CX Data Analysis is incredibly valuable.

What You Can Learn from Netflix About Big Data & Customer Engagement

There are many lessons contact center professionals can take from Netflix.

41 Marketing and Sales Experts Reveal the Most Under-Utilized Way to Capture the Voice of the Customer and How to Better Leverage It

To learn about the various methods for capturing the VoC that go overlooked by customer-facing organizations, we asked a panel of experts to weigh in.

6 Steps to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Good surveys produce good data, and good data reflects experiences your customers actually have with the company. Good data shows where you need to im...

Are you ready to deliver next generation customer experience through an Omnichannel Contact Centre?

It is safe to say that it’s now well past the time to call ‘omnichannel’ just a buzzword.

Omnichannel Data & Analytics: Making Omnichannel Work

The guide emphasized how to ensure that omnichannel efforts move in the right direction and deliver the best possible results.

How Marketers Can Leverage Big Data for CX Insights: 35 Marketing Experts & Customer Experience Pros Share Their Top Tips for Leveraging Big Data to Improve CX

How Marketers Can Leverage Big Data for Customer Experience Insights: 35 Marketing Experts and Customer Experience Pros Share Their Top Tips for Lever...

Call Center Ideal Call Flow Scripts: Helping or Hurting?

Sales and collections agents use call flows frequently - but all contact center agents can also benefit from ideal call flows.

Customer Experience Trends to Look for in 2017

Companies that deliver superior customer experience beat the competition by retaining customers, growing their bottom line, and reaping the benefits o...

CallMiner’s Brian LaRoche Talks Customer Engagement Analytics

Watch as Jim Rembach from interviews our own Brian LaRoche at the recent show Call Center Week Winter 2017.

Why You Should Add Predictive Analytics to Your CEM Toolbox

Predictive analytics, in combination with speech analytics, can help your organization provide an improved customer experience. Read more.

How Companies Can Best Leverage Customer Data

To understand the customer journey, companies must leverage the wealth of customer data at their disposal. Read how MDM & speech analytics can help.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

One can argue about the reasons why it is important, however what is ultimately an indisputable net result of employee unhappiness is disengaged emplo...

7 Tips for Providing Exceptional Customer Experiences

How can you provide exceptional customer experiences? Seamless customer service, customer experience analytics, and technology are a few ways. Read mo...

7 (More) Contact Center Operations

A well-run call center is one where agents create meaningful relationships with customers. Take a look at CallMiner’s list of 7 call center best pract...

How to Use Engagement Analytics to Measure Customer Satisfaction

By embracing and deploying customer engagement analytics, companies can overcome the shortcomings inherent to relying exclusively on surveys.

3 Best Practices for First Call Resolution

Today’s competitive consumer marketplace demands that customer-facing companies adopt strategies to foster meaningful interactions with customers.

Top 3 Reasons Your Call Center Needs Customer Engagement Analytics

More executives are turning to advanced analytics to measure customer and agent interactions and ensure their call centers are performing at a high le...

How Does Collections Analytics Improve Agent Performance?

Think, for a moment, about the last time you had an exceptional experience as a customer. What stood out to you? What do you remember the most?

How Does Contact Analytics Improve Agent Performance?

When was the last time you had an exceptional experience as a customer?

Introducing CallMiner’s New Customer Engagement Optimization Interactive Community

In today’s customer-centric marketplace, the customer experience is everything.

3 Reasons Every Call Center Needs an Contact Center Operations Dashboard

An agent performance dashboard is an ideal solution for improving agent performance and the customer experience. Read why.

How Do You Define Call Center Adherence Best Practices?

In the call center, it is critical to make the most of your agents’ time. Read more about call center adherence best practices from industry experts.

5 Call Center Agent Performance Metrics You Need Right Now

Having the right call center performance metrics in place can improve agent performance and the overall customer experience. Learn how.

Maintaining compliance in inbound customer service call centers

Compliance doesn’t just happen – call centers need to deploy the right tools and strategies.

7 Call Center Best Practices from Industry Experts

To uncover some of the best ways to drive call center efficiency, CallMiner compiled a list of call center best practices from industry experts. Read ...

FCR – One Call, That’s All

Industry experts have long estimated that 25 cents of every dollar spent by a call center goes toward fixing issues that weren’t properly addressed du...

How to Enrich Customer Interactions: 3 Actionable Tips

Companies need to do more than meet customer expectations. Here’s a look at 3 ways to enrich customer interactions and drive customer engagement optim...

5 Tips on How to Improve Customer Engagement in the Contact Center

Today’s customer-centric marketplace demands that contact centers drive customer engagement optimization at every stage of the customer journey. Read ...

How Customer Engagement Analytics Can Improve the Customer Experience

Customer engagement analytics is critical to understanding the complete customer journey and improving the customer experience overall. Read how in Ca...

What Can Call Centers Do to Prioritize the Customer Experience? [Resource Guide]

Companies need to be prioritizing the customer experience in order to compete in today’s increasingly consumer-driven marketplace. Here’s how to do it.

5 Must-Read Research Reports on the Customer Experience in 2015

Customer experience isn’t just important in 2015 – it’s critical. CallMiner’s latest blog highlights 5 must-read research reports on CX this year.

How Sentiment Analysis & Social Listening Can Improve the Customer Experience

How can contact centers leverage social media to improve the customer experience? Quicker response times, one-to-one engagement, and sentiment analysi...

Big Picture: What Is Contact Center Analytics?

Learn how contact center analytics can help develop the big picture of customer interactions and improve the customer experience. Read more.

4 Customer Experience Questions Your Contact Center Must Answer

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to delivering a positive customer experience, but asking these 4 questions can help you get started.

Say What? 3 Ways Sentiment Analysis Can Help Uncover Your Brand’s Reputation

What can companies do to take actionable steps to improve the customer experience? Here are 3 ways sentiment analysis can uncover your company’s reput...

Key Benefits of Speech Analytics for Postsecondary Education (CallMiner Examples)

Enrollment at for-profit institutions makes up 12% of all postsecondary students. Here’s how speech analytics can help your call center drive complian...

3 Quick, Easy Ways to Diffuse a Customer Call Gone Wrong

What are some of the best ways for call center agents to diffuse customer calls gone wrong? Here’s a look at 3 best practices.

How to Provide Multi-Channel Customer Support in Today’s Digital Era [Resource Guide]

CallMiner resource guide on how to provide multi-channel customer support in today’s digital era.

Call Center Scripting Tips for Sounding Like a Real Person (Instead of a Robot)

What can call center agents do to ensure they handle customer concerns efficiently? Sound like a real person (instead of a robot). Here’s how to do it.

3 Key Questions to Ask When Identifying Your Customer’s Persona

Researching customer personas can ensure the customer experience caters to an individual’s wants and needs. Here are 3 key questions to ask to identif...

The Importance of Analyzing Customer Conversations with Speech Analytics [Resource Guide]

Read about the importance of analyzing customer conversations with speech analytics in this Resource Guide from CallMiner. Learn more.

Are Language Barriers in the Call Center Hurting Your Business?

Are language barriers in the call center hurting your business? Here are 3 ways speech analytics can help you overcome these obstacles. Read more.

Unifying the Customer Experience: How Do You Do It and Why Is It Important?

Today’s customer expects a unified experience across communications channels. Here’s why customer service agents need to embrace multi-channel support...

6 Must-Read Call Center Research Reports on the Future

CallMiner has compiled a list of 6 must-read research reports that cover trends & challenges shaping the contact center industry’s future. Read more.

3 Steps to Establish Customer-Centric Call Centers in 2014

With customer experience management more important than ever, customer satisfaction has become an area of focus. Here’s a look at 3 best practices to ...

Why Real-Time Monitoring Is So Important in the Contact Center

With real-time monitoring managers can act, not just react, and customer service, performance, and compliance issues can't slip through the cracks.