Focus on your frontline agents to improve customer service initiatives

Deliver exceptional frontline agent experiences to improve productivity and engagement, as well as customer experience.

Use conversation intelligence to empower agents

Gain unique insight from conversations to empower agents in their roles and help them make in-the-moment decisions that service the customer.

Improve agent job satisfaction

Pre-built solutions and automation allow agents to focus on the customer and reduce repetitive, mundane tasks that add little value.

Identify performance gaps

Quickly identify performance gaps and correct agent behavior in real-time or near real-time can improve NPS and drive customer satisfaction.

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Your frontline drives CX and your bottom line

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Spread knowledge and success throughout your organization 

Create a culture of self-improvement that encourages knowledge sharing. 

  • Use real-time feedback and next-best-action guidance to improve customer service and business results 
  • CallMiner’s coaching workflow encourages personalized bi-directional supervisor/agent engagement
  • Understand what agent behavior is working (and what’s not) and share knowledge with the rest of the organization for faster resolutions

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Improve frontline agent satisfaction

Promote a collaborative work environment and reduce agent churn.  

  • Understand how frontline agents are being treated by customers with our employee wellbeing solution, including gauging employee sentiment and identifying at-risk agents
  • CallMiner’s pre-built solutions reduce agent workload through automated contact reasons, enabling agents to focus on delivering the best customer service

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AI-driven, real-time guidance

Accelerate your quality program with real-time support.

  • Instead of pre-scheduled, lengthy coaching conversations, monitor calls across your team in real-time, providing in-the-moment guidance
  • AI-driven, real-time agent assistance helps accelerate agent onboarding to overcome knowledge gaps, adhere to compliance or to lend support
  • Supervisors benefit from a real-time dashboard that highlights urgent interactions or notable coaching moments

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[CallMiner's] quality scoring product enables teams of varying maturity levels to go beyond compliance tracking, translating system scores into meaningful coaching moments.

The Forrester Wave: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3 2023


CallMiner forges a path to elevate and redefine contact center options.

The Forrester Wave: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3 2023