Understand customer feedback to drive product innovation

By aggregating customer interactions across channels, organizations gain the insights they need to make user-driven business and product development decisions.

Collect omnichannel insights

Monitor customer conversations – solicited and unsolicited – from every channel used to communicate with internal stakeholders and representatives.

Analyze customer sentiment

Evaluate your users’ feedback to paint a comprehensive picture of trends and common conceptions about your products and competitors.

Accelerate product innovation

Use customer insights to improve the product design process and roadmap, and iterate to meet the demands of the market faster.

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Product leaders can now

Understand and satisfy evolving customer demands

Use omnichannel customer interactions to gain a full understanding of user sentiment, priorities and motivations related to your products.

  • Aggregate feedback across communication channels, including phone calls, chat, video calls, reviews, surveys and more
  • Analyze user trends and sentiment to determine positive or negative associations with products to improve effectiveness

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Deliver innovative, user-centric products faster

Use customer feedback to inform product development strategy on the most sought-after features and position your organization for growth.

  • Identify gaps in current products compared to competitive offerings and take action to improve your roadmap
  • Apply key learnings to product ideation and create solutions that address real market needs