Deliver products and services customer love in less time

Extract critical insights from customer interactions to power product-market fit and drive loyalty. Improve product quality and safety, identify competitive threats, and evaluate opportunities for innovation using the industry’s most powerful conversation intelligence platform. 

Drive product quality and safety

Monitor customer conversations from every channel to track changing sentiment on products or services. Detect and respond rapidly to early safety concerns before they become business emergencies.

Inspire and accelerate product innovation

Automatically perform warranty and cancellation analysis and reveal root cause for product or service innovation. Extract rich data-driven insights to reveal customer needs at scale with faster turnaround times than traditional feedback methods.

Reveal competitive insights and threats

Uncover competitors’ strengths and weaknesses through consumer sentiment and track changes over time. Harness AI and ML to objectively assess the competitive landscape automatically through data-driven analysis.

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Build customer-centric products with AI-driven insights

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Prioritize roadmap initiatives with data 

Uncover customer needs at scale, reveal the impact of satisfying those needs, and allow product teams to prioritize product or service initiatives without bias.  

  • Stop wasting resources on one-off needs. Create a data-driven strategy based on input from 100% of customer interactions, rather than just a sample, to identify the most impactful product initiatives 
  • Analyze omnichannel customer feedback at scale to gain a comprehensive and objective view of your customers' expectations for strategic decision making 
  • Track and measure success including sentiment of new products or service launches 
  • Analyze root cause of cancellations and warranty issues, including specific competitor mentions, to uncover the biggest reasons why customers are leaving 

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Customer feedback at everyone's fingertips

Ditch information silos and democratize data with our robust API so that everyone has all product or service insights at their fingertips, and no critical information is lost. 

  • Uncover critical insights with powerful AI and ML, and route them to the teams who need it in their everyday workflows 
  • Speed up development cycles with access to customer needs, reducing the back and forth between teams often required to build a product or launch a service 
  • Eliminate silos and reveal customer feedback that stays hidden within customer-facing teams 

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Reduce the time and effort to understand your evolving customers 

Deliver innovative, user-centric products and services faster with automatic insights.  

  • Speed up turnaround times on product and service research phases
  • Reduce the effort on product and service teams to gather customer feedback
  • Automatically reveal insights across 100% of channels so that all feedback is captured
  • Gather customer insights on-demand and take action with up-to-date feedback, without assembling a focus group – keeping pace with changing customer expectations, needs, and competitors

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