Compel action with your customer interactions data story

CallMiner Visualize enables organizations to visually explore conversation analytics data, create sharable presentations that demand attention and encourage action within and beyond the contact center. An upgrade component for CallMiner Analyze, Visualize leverages data to tell your story of customer interactions.

From big picture story to the most impactful details

UI Visualize

CallMiner insights displayed with the power of Tableau

CallMiner Visualize is powered by Tableau, the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence. Together, our technologies create the most powerful tool for visual storytelling with conversation analytics.

Clearly see how data impacts productivity

UI Visualize PowerfulEditing

Powerful editing

  • Easy drag-and-drop features for charts, graphs, and tailored dashboards
  • Simple interface helps manage, import, and present data at scale
  • Pre-built reports deliver insight as quickly as possible

UI Visualize InteractiveAgility

Interactive agility

  • Easily identify patterns across customer interactions to inform key business decisions
  • Use before-and-after assessments to measure the impact of agent coaching, as well as ROI assessments of bottom-line benefits
  • Connect different data points and compare results to support root cause hypothesis with data-supported evidence

UI Visualize ImpactfulAwareness

Impactful awareness

  • Uncover and spotlight key opportunities using identifying titles and tags
  • Fortify audio evidence with graphics that pinpoint the scope of an issue and attention required to solve it
  • Visual data encourages enthusiastic attention and action within and beyond the contact center

Key Features

Configurable Storytelling

Customize how data displays, telling the story from various angles for insight into any business scenario.

Simple Comparisons

See how peformances rank across the team or between individual agents to find out what drives success.

Scales with Your Growth

Understand the big picture even as that picture grows, modeling your success in simple infographics no matter how large your organization gets.


We saw opportunities right out of the gate. CallMiner helped us visualize the impact of COVID-19 on our call drivers, allowing us to make changes to our IVR system so that customers could leave a voicemail to cancel trips. While other companies had hold times during the initial outbreak from five to 10 hours, we were able to reduce hold times to about seven minutes. Much of this success was due to the insights gleaned from CallMiner.

Jim Conner

Director of Operations, Gant Travel