CallMiner CX Landscape Report

Most organizations believe AI is key to optimizing CX

While the past year was marked with an increased return to normalcy – travel, more time in offices, and unmasked face-to-face interactions – macroeconomic challenges persisted.

According to the 2023 CallMiner CX Landscape Report, 45% of senior CX and contact center leaders strongly agree they want their organization to do more with fewer resources in the current economy, and 49% believe AI will help them achieve greater efficiency to optimize CX strategies when under financial strain.

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State of the CX industry

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Research methodology

To develop the CX Landscape Report, CallMiner worked with Vanson Bourne to survey 700 senior decision makers from contact center and CX departments in the US, U.K. and Ireland, South Africa, France, and Germany. Respondents hailed from organizations that had a contact center with 100 or more employees across healthcare (public and private), financial services, technology, and retail sectors.

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Teams still rely on solicited feedback, manual processes

  • While there has been a positive shift, most organizations still collect more solicited than unsolicited feedback (71% in 2023 vs. 79% in 2022)
  • When considering how manual or automated the processes are to analyze CX data, there is slightly greater emphasis, at an overall level, on automated (55%) vs. manual (45%) tasks, but not by much
  • Those that automate data analysis find they’re able to use this data to make better business decisions (61% vs. 51% in organizations where processes are more manual)

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Organizations look to invest in generative AI

  • Over the next 12 months, 43% said they're looking at investing in generative AI solutions for CX purposes; 34% are considering conversation intelligence
  • However, of those who plan to implement AI, 44% are unsure what type of AI tech will best meet business needs when collecting and analyzing CX data
  • Only 6% have no fears around implementing AI in CX and customer service use cases

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Internal misalignment tempers data potential

  • 50% say they lack effective communication between departments when aligning on CX data and customer feedback, 43% admit to a lack of clarity on how to act on data insights
  • Even though CX and satisfaction metric reports are shared with organizational boards, 84% believe that leadership’s use of this data should be improved