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What is experience management (XM)? Definition & strategies

While customer service is important, experience management can create long-lasting, positive experiences that keep customers returning and workers productive.

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: August 2023

CallMiner's VP of Product, Bruce McMahon, shares updates from the 2023.08 release that ensure organizations get flexibility, customization and ultimat...

34 call center & QA professionals share tips for improving call center quality assurance

Hear from 34 call center experts about why call center quality assurance (QA) is crucial for businesses to focus on and how it can boost customer sati...

What is product experience (PX)? Examples, strategies & more

Discover why product experience (PX) plays such a crucial role in the customer journey and how it directly impacts customer retention and satisfaction.

What is patient experience? Ultimate 2023 guide

Learn more about patient experience, and why it is a critical part of healthcare that allows providers to better understand how patients feel about th...

How to drive quick ROI in your conversation intelligence program

Learn how to manage the rollout of an AI-powered conversation intelligence solution to maximize ROI in the first 90 days.

25 speech analytics call center tips & best practices

Speech analytics in the call center is a new, innovative application of AI and has become a crucial tool for businesses seeking to improve customer se...

Five ways tech companies can use customer insights to drive business transformation

Here’s how tech companies can use AI-based conversation intelligence to succeed and improve CX in today’s economy using 100% of omnichannel customer f...

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: July 2023

CallMiner VP of Product Management, Bruce McMahon, shares updates in the 2023.07 release, including the type of data users can collect, as well as how...

Customer experience analytics: 25 expert tips & best practices

Customer experience analytics is the collection of information about customers and how that data is analyzed. Learn customer experience tips from the ...

How is the rising cost of living impacting customer contact demand?

New research released by CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), supported by CallMiner, finds two out of three consumers are happy to be contacted...

34 experts share their favorite examples of new product innovation

Learn more about new product innovations and review some of the most influential innovative products in recent times, according to business experts.

Sentiment analysis & machine learning: 2023 guide

Sentiment analysis and machine learning have become crucial tools for gauging the customer experience. Read this blog to learn how your business can l...

What is conversation analytics?

Conversation analytics uses NLP to help corporations to better understand their customers. Learn more about conversation analytics, as well as its ben...

How to choose the best customer experience platform

An excellent customer experience is vital for building customer loyalty. Find out how to choose the best customer experience platform for your busines...

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: June 2023

CallMiner's VP of Product Management, Bruce McMahon, shares updates from the CallMiner 2023.06 platform release, including AI-based contact summarizat...

What is brand intelligence? Definition, tools & more

Brand intelligence offers deep insights into customers’ needs, wants, and behaviors, and empowers companies to take action to improve customer satisfa...

25 tips for improving customer service in call centers in 2023

Companies that want to improve customer service in the call center may not know where to begin, so we've created a list of 25 tips from call center ex...

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