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What is call analytics? Measurement, reporting & more

Companies that haven’t leveraged call center analytics are often unsure about how it works. Find out what call analytics are and the benefits they provide.

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Using AI to address five critical business challenges in healthcare

From consumerization to bad debt to staffing shortages, here’s how healthcare organizations can address five of the most critical challenges in 2023 w...

How to choose the best experience management software in 2023

Customer experience management is complex, but the right software can help. Find out how to choose the right experience management software for your b...

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: May 2023

Bruce McMahon, VP of Product Management, shares key updates from CallMiner's 2023.05 release, including the rebrand of CallMiner Alert to CallMiner Re...

25 examples of NLP & machine learning in everyday life

NLP, ML and AI are everywhere in everyday life, and most people have encountered these technologies in action without even being aware of it. This blo...

What is product innovation? Strategies & best practices

Product innovation is critical for companies to stay competitive. Read this blog to learn more about product innovation, the various types of strategi...

How conversation analytics & speech analytics software can drive enterprise-wide benefits

Conversation analytics and speech analytics shouldn’t be a function of the contact center alone. Take a look at the importance and impact of analytics...

Product Innovation Series: April 2023

Bruce McMahon, VP of Product Management, highlights CallMiner's latest platform enhancements, including new speaker measures by talk time percent and ...

Does your call recorder prime or prevent analytics?

More businesses are deploying call center analytics. Read this blog to learn how your current or future call recorder can prime you for effectively im...

What is customer loyalty?

Gaining a deeper understanding of customer loyalty and the benefits it holds is an important first step to take towards developing your customer base....

What is conversation intelligence?

Read this blog to better understand conversation intelligence, how it works, its benefits, and what to look for when selecting a conversation intellig...

How to use the customer retention rate formula

Read this blog to learn how to use the customer retention rate formula, common variations, and how you can put it to use in your organization.

Buyer's guide: How to choose the best NLP software

This blog reviews what natural language processing is and explores expert tips and best practices for choosing the best NLP software for your business...

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: March 2023

Bruce McMahon, CallMiner's VP of Product, shares updates from the 2023.03 release that continue to drive value for customers, including two new measur...

Speech analytics 101: What is speech analytics?

Read this blog to learn the basics of speech analytics, as well as understand its value and why its use is so widespread today at leading organization...

Everything you need to know about brand experience

How consumers feel about your brand has a powerful influence on the success of your business. This blog provides best practices and insights into driv...

Transitioning to automated QA in a conversation intelligence program

In recent years, QA has evolved with the increased sophistication of conversation intelligence technology. Read this blog to learn how CallMiner suppo...

Four need-to-know CX trends for financial services firms in 2023

Today's financial services organizations face an entirely new set of CX challenges. Read this blog to learn how customer feedback data can be the key ...

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As CEO and founder, Jeff is focused on CallMiner's strategic direction and operational execution. Jeff has more than 25 years of experience [...]

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Bruce McMahon

Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer at CallMiner, Bruce is responsible for product management, strategy, and roadmap. He has more than 15 years of expe [...]

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Vice President, International

Frank Sherlock is the VP for CallMiner International, responsible for expanding CallMiner customer footprint in the region. Based in the UK, [...]

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