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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: February 2023

Bruce McMahon, VP of Product, highlights updates from the 2023.02 release, including introducing new calibration features that empower organizations to continue advancing their automation journeys.

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How technology can enhance customer communication and engagement

CallMiner's VP of Int'l, Frank Sherlock, talks about the value of customer communications ahead of his session at Credit Connect’s Online Collections ...

Five best practices for effective employee coaching

As we know, a happy employee is a productive employee, and part of that includes making sure they feel like they can successfully do their jobs. Read ...

25 strategies to boost patient satisfaction and improve patient experience

As patients become more engaged in their healthcare, healthcare providers and organizations, like hospitals, need to care more about patient retention...

How to measure and prevent customer churn

Read this blog to understand why it’s important to measure customer attrition and take action to reduce and prevent customer churn.

What is omnichannel customer experience analytics, and how should you use it?

Understanding omnichannel customer experience analytics is essential to satisfying customers and maintaining a competitive edge. Read this blog to le...

25 use cases & examples of real-time analytics

Read this blog to better understand what real-time analytics is and how it works, as well as 25 real world examples of how organizations across a rang...

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: January 2023

CallMiner's VP of Product Management, Bruce McMahon, shares highlights from the 2023.01 release, which empowers users to get the most out of the CallM...

How to track customer sentiment

Customer sentiment is a crucial metric for every business. Read this blog to learn more about customer sentiment analysis and how it can help improve ...

What is product innovation and why is it important?

Read this blog to better understand product innovation, including new product development, and best practices for getting it right with conversation i...

Three ways conversation intelligence can improve brand experience and the bottom line

From campaign strategy, to crisis management, to brand sentiment, read about three ways CMOs can leverage conversation intelligence to understand cust...

28 mistakes to avoid when measuring customer churn

In order to keep valued customers as long as possible, organizations must identify when customers leave and why. This blog looks at the common mistake...

25 benefits and best practices to get started with real-time analytics

Companies today manage ever-increasing volumes of data. Read this blog for expert tips and best practices for getting started with real-time analytics...

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: December 2022

CallMiner's VP of Product Innovation, Bruce McMahon, shares highlights from the 2022.12 release in his latest product innovation blog.

Top call center metrics your organization should care about

Call center metrics, including call tracking metrics, can make improving operations at your contact center much easier to manage. Read this blog for t...

30 business leaders share tips for building customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is one of the most valuable things a business can do to ensure long-term success, but where do you start? This blog offers 3...

What is text analytics and how does it work?

Text analytics has become an important technology for businesses across a wide variety of sectors and industries. This blog explores how text analytic...

Tips & strategies to improve frontline agent experience

Agents play a significant role in customer satisfaction. Read this blog for tips and best practices to improve frontline agent experience, including e...

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Jeff Gallino

CEO & Founder

As CEO and founder, Jeff is focused on CallMiner's strategic direction and operational execution. Jeff has more than 25 years of experience [...]

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Bruce McMahon

Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer at CallMiner, Bruce is responsible for product management, strategy, and roadmap. He has more than 15 years of expe [...]

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Frank Sherlock

Vice President, International

Frank Sherlock is the VP for CallMiner International, responsible for expanding CallMiner customer footprint in the region. Based in the UK, [...]

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