Why Digital Channel Frustration Leads to Frustrated Calls Into the Call Center

In our recent survey and report, The CallMiner Index which identifies  in the UK and US the sectors that have the highest churn rates and reveals the reasons why consumers switch suppliers. One of the key observations from the reports are about consumers’ channel preferences. Our surveys discovered that consumers will use up to nine channels to contact a […]

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190 Billion Reasons Why You Should Find the Root Causes of Complaints

I was fascinated by a story about the cost of complaints based on a study by the Institute of Customer Service. The research suggested that time wasted by customers making complaints, and the cost to businesses and their suppliers in dealing with them, cost the UK economy £190bn a year in lost productivity. Jo Causon, […]

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How Listening to Customer Impacts Your Bottom Line

We recently published The CallMiner Index: Consumer Switching By Sector, The Reasons and The Impact of Call Centers and are hosting a webinar on November 13th to discuss the numerous findings. In addition we will discuss how listening to your customers and using speech analytics can impact customer loyalty and your company’s bottom line. And […]

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Stop Avoidable Customer Churn With Great Agent Behavior

If you see a business contact for the first time in months and they appear not to be interested in what you have to say, your desire to meet them again is likely to be low. If they also appear keen to move on to their next meeting rather than listen to you, then you’re […]

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Not Valuing Customers Leads to $136 Billion Switching Epidemic

New research by CallMiner reveals that US businesses have contributed to a switching epidemic by not valuing customers or listening to them when they have problems. And it’s costing them billions. In fact, a conservative estimate of the price of switching is $136 billion per year. The report titled the CallMiner Index features survey responses from US adults who […]

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Listening & Empathy Is Key To Stemming The Tide Of Customer Churn

The CallMiner Index UK  uncovered that call centres play a pivotal role in a consumer’s decision to switch their suppliers or stay loyal. In fact, the report reveals that 68% of customers are very or extremely likely to switch suppliers if they have a bad experience with a call centre.  The total who say they […]

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New research gives you 25 billion reasons to understand why customers say goodbye

Today, CallMiner published the CallMiner Index – a survey report that reveals a switching epidemic that is costing British businesses at least £25 billion a year.  And most of the reasons are completely avoidable. Almost nine out of 10 people (84%) switched 1.91 suppliers each last year, with electricity suppliers hit the hardest. While these […]

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Analyze Customer Churn with Speech Analytics

In today’s business environment, high customer expectations leave many contact centers struggling to understand why customers leave their service or churn. More often than not, these businesses focus their time and energy on acquiring new customers rather than trying to retain existing ones. A decision that costs them significantly since attracting new customers costs seven […]

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