3 Ways Engagement Analytics Helps Maintain PCI Compliance for Call Centers

In today’s consumer marketplace, e-commerce plays a crucial role.  Statistics show that 40% of worldwide Internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet, or other online devices.  This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow.

What this means is that organizations with e-commerce platforms are on the hook for protecting consumer information (credit and banking information, mailing and email addresses, user names and passwords, etc.) to guard against fraud and stay within state and federal regulations.

Failing to do so can spell disaster: customer attrition, negative brand reputation, penalties, lawsuits, and so on.

To ensure the safe handling of customer information in the call center, an interaction analytics solution can prove critical.  Interaction analytics reduces liability exposure by taking immediate action on any legal threats and de-escalates situations that might otherwise spiral out of control.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways interaction analytics helps to maintain PCI compliance for call centers:


Protect Consumer Data


According to a recent MyCustomer article, the majority of customers (75%) are willing to share personal data with brands.

This information comes at a price, however: Companies that regularly handle financial transactions have a responsibility to protect consumer data in the best possible way.  It’s not just about ensuring PCI compliance but also instilling the type of consumer confidence that can lead to a more satisfying customer experience overall.

For this reason, interaction analytics is critical in driving customer loyalty and brand reputation.  Interaction analytics monitors 100% of protected class discussions, protecting privacy and leaving customers feeling safe and secure in providing their information.


Remove Sensitive Information


With interaction analytics in place, companies can ensure they’re driving procedural compliance and storing sensitive consumer information in the proper way.  A side benefit of CallMiner’s interaction analytics solution, as noted in a TechRepublic article, is the ability to remove sensitive data from customer channels of communication.

“CallMiner Redactor uses interaction-analytics technology to prevent sensitive cardholder data from being recorded; call recording is automatically muted when account numbers, security codes, and other sensitive information is spoken,” says Scott Kendrick, CallMiner vice-president of marketing and product management, in the article. “Because Redactor prevents you from recording sensitive payment information, calls are not in scope for a PCI audit.”


Eliminate Compliance Risk


Aside from safely storing consumer information, interaction analytics offers another key benefit: the ability to reduce risk of fines and lawsuits associated with non-compliance.  While manual sampling of recorded calls or contacts provides little to no prevention of non-compliant behavior, interaction analytics software tracks every call for violations and risky language.

Real-time call monitoring solutions such as EurekaLive take this one step further, tracking specific language and acoustic characteristics while the call is still ongoing.  This allows managers and supervisors to review occurrences of compliance infractions and intervene when necessary.


Final Thoughts


In a marketplace fueled by e-commerce, companies handling financial transactions need to be sure they’re protecting consumer data and reducing exposure to identity theft and data breaches.  It’s about more than avoiding costly fines and litigation; organizations prioritizing customer loyalty and retention need to do their best to ensure that customers are comfortable providing this type of information.

With an interaction analytics solution in place, companies can protect consumer data, remove sensitive customer information, and eliminate compliance risk.


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