How to Drive Call Center Productivity [Resource Guide]

call center productivity

It’s no secret that today’s customers expect top-notch customer service—research, in fact, shows the vast majority (86%) will take their business elsewhere in order to get it. Statistics projecting the rapid growth of the customer experience market, combined with ever-increasing customer preferences and communications channels, make it clear that Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a service that simply cannot be ignored.

So what can contact centers do to improve the customer experience in today’s customer-centric landscape? One answer is to find ways to drive call center productivity through superior agent performance, quality monitoring solutions, workforce optimization, multi-channel customer support, and more.

In our previous resource guide, we offered a collection of recent CallMiner blogs that discuss the importance and benefits of speech analytics. Today’s resource guide will focus on ways to spur contact center performance that will balance the needs of customers, agents, and the organization overall.

3 Steps to Establish Customer-Centric Call Centers in 2014

With customer-centricity increasingly becoming an area of focus for companies, managing the customer experience has never been more of a priority.  But many organizations are struggling in today’s business environment due to increased competition (i.e., if you neglect the quality of your customer service you will likely lose customers to your competitors) and a reliance on outdated operational models and strategies that do little to enhance the experience of today’s savvy customer. To establish customer-centric call centers in 2014 (and beyond), take a look at 3 best practices. 

How Do You Develop a Team of Top Performers in Your Call Center?

Because call center agents interact with your customers daily and develop an understanding of what your customers want, they’re in a position to make or break the customer experience.  But how do you identify agent skills and ambitions and discover untapped potential in your organization?  How do you put together a so-called “dream team” of agents who will help foster customer loyalty and retention? 

4 Tips to Consider for Your Quality Call Monitoring

In today’s customer-driven marketing landscape, quality call monitoring is critical to maximizing agent performance and ensuring a positive customer experience. For contact centers, the message is clear: Companies need to closely monitor the interactions between agents and customers to deliver insight into critical business issues and unlock opportunities to improve the customer experience and revenue outcomes.

3 Keys to Workforce Optimization in the Call Center

Workforce optimization, which includes both technology solutions and an investment in talent, ensures employees perform at peak efficiency and ultimately keeps customers happy. With WFO, organizations can use VoC insights to not only increase agent effectiveness, but also help build customer loyalty and competitive advantage and deliver an improved customer experience.

3 Tips for Making Sure Your Contact Center Delivers the Best Possible Customer Service

Your contact center, like any other customer-facing employee group, is responsible for upholding the customer experience. Customers won’t always remember the name of the agent who picked up the phone, but they will remember if your company delivered on its customer service promises or fell short right when it was needed the most. Here are three tips to help ensure your contact center is delivering the best possible customer service to each and every caller.

Final Thoughts

Due to the explosion of social media and mobile usage, today’s customers expect (and, oftentimes, even demand) a certain level of service from companies. For call centers in particular, it’s critical to make sure agents are operating at peak performance and that customer engagement analytics are working to uncover insights and analysis that can ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

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