Under Redaction! Why Companies Can’t Seem To Get It Right When It Comes To Recorded Data

Another day, another enterprise giant being forced to admit that sensitive customer data may have been improperly monitored or used without consent. In this latest instance, it was a case of outside contractors listening to user recordings without their knowledge. Yet, this is far from a standalone event when it comes to the privacy of […]

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For Better Customer Experience, Take a Closer Look at Context in Your Contact Center

Contact centers contain a plethora of data that can drastically impact customer experience and your customer’s overall relationship with you. It’s the place where the voice of the employee, voice of the customer and the overall brand perception is conveyed. With all the interactions and words being exchanged and the importance of the insights that […]

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Find Out Why Customers Engage Through the Science of Conversation

Call center agents interact with more customers daily than any other department of your company – and these conversations tend to be what makes or breaks the customer’s perception of the brand. That’s why it’s crucial to plan for every type of problem that a contact center agent could encounter, and that begins with not […]

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The Agent Churn Cycle: Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

Today’s contact centers are all too familiar with agent turnover. The industry’s employee turnover rates remain more than double the average for all other U.S. occupations, with large call centers reaching over 50%. Not only does this come at an expensive cost to companies due to the time and resources it takes to hire and […]

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Higher Quality Recording from the Cloud generates more ROI than “free” recording

That title is a pretty bold statement, no? Saying that something you pay for is better and generates more ROI than a free and normally “good enough” alternative, but it happens to be true! First, let’s understand what I mean by Higher Quality Recording (HQR).  Calls are traditionally recorded on-premise using a “tapping” technology that […]

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