3 Tips for Measuring & Tracking the Customer Journey

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that today’s customers are everywhere.  Mobile, social media, live chat, email, you name it.

For organizations across business sectors, the resulting imperative is simple: be where customers are.  New research from EvaluAgent shows 90% of contact centers offer four communications channels to customers, with 42% offering seven or more.

The same study, however, shows that nearly all (90%) of contact centers are unable to track the customer journey across multiple channels and touchpoints.  What’s more, 60% of contact centers surveyed have a multichannel strategy in place, but only 10% have successfully implemented the technology.

In today’s customer-centric landscape, such an approach simply won’t cut it.  Let’s take a look at 3 tips companies can use to effectively measure and track the customer journey:

Build Out Customer Profiles

It goes without saying that companies need to know their customers: their channel preferences, pain points, history with the company, etc.  Staying on top of customer surveys, social media interactions, and more are all ways to develop actionable insight that can be used to proactively measure the customer journey – and, in doing so, improve the overall customer experience.

As noted by eConsultancy, it’s also important to build out comprehensive customer profiles to understand customer behavior across channels.  “Armed with accurate, real-time information about how customers interact with them across their various channels, brands can target digital marketing campaigns at the relevant devices and platforms, as well as allocating budget more effectively,” says eConsultancy.

Leverage Multichannel Analytics

In addition to building out customer profiles, it’s equally important to understand the “voice of the customer.”

In a multichannel world, it’s not uncommon for customers to use multiple channels to resolve a single issue.  As a result, companies need to be able to get a true, overall picture of their customers – across phone, email, chats, tweets, etc.

With multichannel analytics in place, companies can follow the complete customer journey, regardless of the channel used.  CallMiner’s multichannel approach in particular provides insight into what customers want and need, helping organizations drive customer engagement optimization at every step of the customer journey.

Measure Overall Customer Satisfaction

It may sound overly simplistic, but one of the best ways to measure the customer journey is to just ask!  But, as outlined in a Solvvy blog post, it’s important not to view customer satisfaction metrics based on individual interactions but instead on multiple interactions that can provide a more comprehensive view of the customer experience.

“Think about it: If you only measure customer satisfaction based off individual interactions, how do you know how happy a customer is with the entire experience you deliver?  Was he happy before a bad experience?  Is he happy now, after you made up for a bad experience?”

Final Thoughts

The ability to provide exceptional customer experiences is becoming increasingly critical as customer expectations continue to rise.  In today’s customer-driven landscape, it’s more than just a good idea to drive satisfaction in individual customer interactions.  Instead, companies need to find ways to track and measure the complete customer journey to provide an improved experience overall.

What is your company doing to drive customer engagement optimization at every stage of the customer journey?