3 Innovative Uses of Gamification

The Takeaway: Enterprises are leveraging gamification in new, exciting ways. With customer engagement analytics, you can go even further with your gamification strategies.

Gamification is quickly becoming a leading focus point for enterprises in countless industries. In previous blog posts, we discussed how companies can gamify their contact centers to better motivate agents and some of the leading contact center gamification success stories. In this article, we’ll take a look at how companies are using gamification strategies for both employee and customer engagement beyond the contact center. Here are three of the most noteworthy examples.

1)  Gamification and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is, naturally, one of the more critical concerns that companies of all kinds are now grappling with. A number of organizations are turning to gamification to shore up their defenses in this area. Why? Because arguably the single biggest flaw in most cybersecurity efforts is simply human error. Despite company-wide efforts to protect data, employees frequently open untrustworthy emails, download questionable files and visit suspicious websites, all of which can present openings for opportunistic cyber criminals.

“Gamification can provide incentives for personnel to follow cybersecurity guidelines.”

As The Next Web pointed out, workers have an unfortunate tendency to ignore cybersecurity rules and best practices. However, with gamification, companies can provide greater incentives for personnel to follow these guidelines, and also help implant these messages more firmly. As an example, the source pointed to cybersecurity firm Digital Guardian, which is using gamification to shift its focus from traditional threat-identification to a model that rewards employees for ideal cybersecurity behavior. Every time a user sends an email that does not trigger a security alert, for example, he or she may gain a point, and accumulating enough points makes the employee eligible for a prize.

Such an approach could be combined with customer engagement analytics tools to both keep an eye out for dangerous employee digital behavior and gain invaluable insight into company-customer interactions.

2)  Gamify Recruitment

Another new, innovative use case for gamification is recruitment, as Forbes highlighted. With gamification, organizations are creating strategies to excite interest among potential prospects. For example, the report noted that PricewaterhouseCoopers developed a game for students aimed at simulating what it’s like to work for the firm. PwC’s Noemi Biro told Forbes that among those students who played the game, nearly four-fifths subsequently said they wanted to work for PwC and 92 percent said they had a more positive opinion of the company. And PwC is hardly the only organization leveraging games and gamification-related projects to connect with high-value recruits.

This type of approach is particularly important considering that more straightforward approaches may prove less effective when it comes to millennials, as industry expert Tamer Rafla told Forbes. Specifically, Rafla emphasized that rather than traditional “push” recruitment efforts, gamification enables “pull” strategies that are more engaging.

Customer engagement analytics fits into this picture by providing the insights that companies need to design and implement effective gamification strategies. After all, in a very real way, customer engagement analytics act as the fuel for gamification programs.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 2.31.35 PM.png

Gamification can help you recruit college students.

3)  Engaging Employee Onboarding

Once a company has succeeded at recruiting prospects, it needs to bring those new employees on board as effectively and efficiently as possible. This can prove challenging, but gamification can help, as TechCruch noted.

Rather than handing employees static manuals, organizations can gamify onboarding to make the process far more engaging. According to industry expert Thor Fridriksson, this is particularly true when it comes to younger workers, including millennials. Once again, analytics can deliver the insight necessary to make these efforts data-based and effective.

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And let us know: How is your company leveraging gamification?

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