CallMiner Eureka integrates with Amazon Connect

If you use Amazon Connect you can quickly and easily incorporate speech analytics into your cloud-based contact center with CallMiner Eureka, the industry leading customer engagement analytics platform. You can choose between Eureka Starter, for entry-level speech analytics via search and discovery, and Eureka Enterprise, for advanced multichannel analytics and performance management.

Which is right for you?

  Full speech reco and transcription
  Rich search and discovery tools
  Manual call tagging
  Subscribe through AWS Marketplace
  Available in North America


  Robust and scalable analytics tools

  Automated categorization & scoring

  Customer journey mapping

  Rich and flexible APIs

  Available globally

How It Works

Amazon Connect automatically sends recordings and call metadata to Eureka for analytics processing. Once processed, the call transcripts can be searched, analyzed and reviewed through the Eureka interface enabling you to discover valuable business and improve your bottom line.

Improve Agent

Optimize Call
Handling Efficiency

Compliance Risk

Give a Better
Customer Experience


Quick Start

CallMiner Eureka integration with Amazon Connect is validated by AWS. A Quick Start, which configures a set of AWS resources to seamlessly integrate with Amazon Connect, was developed by CallMiner in collaboration with AWS.

AWS Solution Space

Solution Space

CallMiner Eureka is an approved partner within Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Space for Contact Centers. AWS Solution Space is a website that includes secure and scalable customer solutions for specific use cases. Visit the CallMiner Eureka Solution Space to request AWS credits for your project.

APN Standard Partner

CallMiner is a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Standard Technology Partner. APN is a group of cloud software and service vendors who have earned endorsement from AWS after meeting several criteria.


Some of the key features that you will find in both the Eureka Starter and Enterprise editions are:

Advanced Searching & Filtering

Highly flexible search engine for ad-hoc searching and filtering of call and chat transcripts. Can search for words, acoustic measures and metadata.

Contextual Call Playback

Playback of call audio is synched to text transcripts. Select the words, phrases, search hits or tags and listen to the associated audio snippet.

TopicMiner™ Discovery Tool

Surface interesting insights and moments in transcripts with TopicMiner’s content visualization tools, including graphical tag clouds which automatically identify interesting moments in any set of calls retrieved through search.

Full PCI Redaction

Cloud-based analytics platform is a secure solution that is independently PCI-Certified for data security and confidentiality. PCI data is fully redacted during ingestion from both text transcripts and call audio to prevent exposure of sensitive customer information.

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