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What Is Data Redaction?

Data redaction is the suppression or removal of sensitive data, including credit card numbers, location information and other private data. CallMiner Eureka speech analytics has the unique ability to redact sensitive call data during conversation processing.

When a compliance sensitive word or phrase is identified, Eureka marks the time occurrence of that and replaces it within the transcript with a generic term. So, for example, when the credit card number is spoken/written – the specific value is not revealed or transcribed.

This ensures that you maintain compliance with PCI or other regulations for data security and confidentiality.

CallMiner Redaction


What Are the Benefits of Data Redaction?

CallMiner’s secure call redaction software has many benefits, including being independently PCI Certified. In addition, CallMiner’s redaction software:

  • Eliminates the storage of sensitive call data, preventing Eureka users from accessing confidential information. Call redaction is achieved through Eureka’s sophisticated call categorization and language patterning capabilities, which are significantly more powerful than simple word and phrase spotting.
  • Improves accuracy of categorization with the ability to identify more complex language patterns – including the ability to target the location within a contact (first 10%) and looking for conditional patterns such as language before or after or not before or after other language.
  • Protects privacy and monitors privacy compliance policies
  • Reviews calls for explicit compliance language, such as FDCPA/CFPB and FCA requirements for credit discussions
  • Monitors 100% of protected class discussions
  • Forensically discovers fraud and abuse risk and research events

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