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Call Center Scripting Tips for Sounding Like a Real Person (Instead of a Robot)

What can call center agents do to ensure they handle customer concerns efficiently? Sound like a real person (instead of a robot). Here’s how to do it.

Speech Analytics for Collections: Why Is It Important?

Speech analytics for collections can eliminate call center compliance risk, improve agent performance, and increase recovery rates. Here’s a closer lo...

3 Key Questions to Ask When Identifying Your Customer’s Persona

Researching customer personas can ensure the customer experience caters to an individual’s wants and needs. Here are 3 key questions to ask to identif...

4 tips to consider for your quality call monitoring

Companies need to leverage real-time call monitoring and speech analytics to improve the customer experience. Here are 4 tips to consider.

The Importance of Analyzing Customer Conversations with Speech Analytics [Resource Guide]

Read about the importance of analyzing customer conversations with speech analytics in this Resource Guide from CallMiner. Learn more.

13 Things You Didn't Know About Speech Analytics

Think you know a lot about speech analytics? Take a look at our list of 13 things you might not know…

Are Language Barriers in the Call Center Hurting Your Business?

Are language barriers in the call center hurting your business? Here are 3 ways speech analytics can help you overcome these obstacles. Read more.

Unifying the Customer Experience: How Do You Do It and Why Is It Important?

Today’s customer expects a unified experience across communications channels. Here’s why customer service agents need to embrace multi-channel support...

6 Must-Read Call Center Research Reports on the Future

CallMiner has compiled a list of 6 must-read research reports that cover trends & challenges shaping the contact center industry’s future. Read more.

10 Keys to PCI Compliance in the Call Center

Failing to protect customer privacy can result in serious fines and reputation issues. Here are 5 keys to PCI compliance in the call center.

6 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Speech Analytics Software

Investing in speech analytics software is a big decision. Check out these 6 questions to help you find a solution to suit your needs.

Using Speech Analytics to Improve Sales Effectiveness for Agents

For performance marketers, the contact center plays a crucial role. Here are 3 ways speech analytics can improve agent performance in sales-based call...

3 Steps to Establish Customer-Centric Call Centers in 2014

With customer experience management more important than ever, customer satisfaction has become an area of focus. Here’s a look at 3 best practices to ...

How do you develop a team of top performers in your call center?

Call center agents are at the heart of your business due to their level of customer interaction. Here’s a look at 3 ways to develop a team of top perf...

Forrester Report Predicts Investment in Analytics Over Next Two Years

New Forrester research predicts investment in analytics for 2014 & 2015; IBM Watson announcement confirms that IT purchasing is on the rise.

The Power of Contact Metadata

Contact metadata is an important and often overlooked factor for successful speech analytics deployments. Read more on CallMiner's blog!

Why Real-Time Monitoring Is So Important in the Contact Center

With real-time monitoring managers can act, not just react, by leveraging call recording and speech analytics to improve customer experience and compl...

Data Mining In the Contact Center

Data mining can turn contact center data into valuable, actionable information. See how data mining can help your business.

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