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What is a conversation intelligence platform?


The Team at CallMiner

May 26, 2022

Conversation intelligence platforms
Conversation intelligence platforms

Businesses looking to lead the way in their industries must always pay attention to their customers’ needs and demands. With the best service and support, organizations can encourage long-term customer retention and loyalty.

Of course, achieving this isn’t easy. Businesses must make it seamless for customers to interact with them and deliver the outcomes customers want from those interactions. More importantly, organizations must find a way to uncover tangible insights not just from a select few interactions with their customers, but all of them. Enter, conversation intelligence platforms.

Conversation intelligence platforms can power your entire business performance improvement roadmap by providing your teams – from the contact or customer service center to the C-suite – with the information that they need at critical moments in the customer journey to make a positive impact on superior omnichannel customer experience.

Driving Business Improvement with Conversation Analytics
Driving Business Improvement with Conversation Analytics
Learn how conversation analytics helps drive enterprise-wide improvements beyond the contact center
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Definition of conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence is the concept that there are deep insights and patterns that happen in your conversations with customers, partners or even employees, and that analyzing interactions at scale can uncover these insights and help you take action to drive improvement across your enterprise. Solutions that fall into this category help to extract valuable intel from each of the interactions that take place between customers and members of your organization.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, conversation intelligence platforms ingest and combine unstructured and structured data and into actionable insights, and deliver a complete picture of CX. Data is analyzed to uncover game-changing insights buried in otherwise mundane exchanges. Email, audio and more can be fed into many of these tools to sleuth out anything from intent to customer journey stages. Armed with this knowledge, your team and different departments can make better decisions in dealing with your valued customers, boosting retention and winning over new customers in the process.

For your omnichannel contact center, conversation intelligence software is a no-brainer. Implementing this solution at your call or contact center makes it possible to process thousands of hours of sales, marketing and support interactions (either voice or text-based) and uncover the information that matters most to your team. Of course, the uses for conversation intelligence software extend beyond contact centers too.

Use cases for conversation intelligence platforms

Conversation intelligence platforms can come in handy for many departments of your organization. Executives and team leaders can find value in the clues conversation intelligence reveals about customer needs and potential directions to take business development in. Agents and customer service representatives can do even more with conversation intelligence in their tool set. Here are the top uses in sales and support:

Sales and marketing

Sales teams benefit greatly from conversation intelligence platforms. When organizations leverage a conversation intelligence platform for sales, they gain the ability to break assumption barriers in interacting with leads and existing customers. Instead of guessing what the customer needs or whether a deal can be closed soon, organizations can more effectively tell reps about the individual in question and what they might be interested in or looking for. A customer intelligence platform reduces the amount of effort it would otherwise take to engage with potential customers in a meaningful way by analyzing previous interactions, as well as revealing which customers are serious and when agents should reach out to them or press to close a deal.

For marketers, conversation intelligence can help reveal precisely how customers feel about campaigns and materials as they are pushed out to them. This makes pinpointing problems with your brand's message and image and where you might be able to take action. Marketers can make campaigns more effective by minimizing the use of techniques and channels that underperform and prioritizing the ones that work best with your target audience.

Product development

Customer feedback is invaluable data for product development teams. AI-powered conversation intelligence solutions provide a world of new opportunities for product teams to collect customer feedback at scale. With the right technology, organizations can capture and analyze 100% of omnichannel interactions, such as those that happen on ratings and review sites, as well as within your customer support and service centers. For example, customers may call, chat, email or use another channel to discuss a product issue; make a warranty claim or even cancel a service subscription.

These feedback loops help product teams understand exactly what customers think of their products and services, and where they might be having issues. This data can drive product innovation, such as prioritizing a product fix or introducing a net-new product or feature.

Customer support

Conversations with customers are a given for customer support technicians. By making use of conversation intelligence software, they can determine what customers are actually concerned about at any given time.

With this knowledge, agents can then take on a proactive stance, enabling customers to achieve their goals faster and with greater confidence in your brand. Support representatives can even help organization leaders discover new product and service ideas by leveraging CI as they interact directly with customers.

Conversation intelligence is key to understanding your customers

For businesses to truly understand their customers, they need to listen to what they are saying when and where they choose to interact. Conversation intelligence platforms make this possible at scale, reducing your team's workload in the process.

Department leaders and organizational leaders can concentrate on leveraging customer conversation-driven insights to direct company growth, while individual reps can drive results using timely intel derived from powerful conversation intelligence solutions, such as CallMiner, which can identify important patterns in a veritable sea of conversational data.

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