Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales

Drive sales and revenue with conversation intelligence

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform analyzes 100% of sales conversations to drive conversions, train sales teams, and deliver a competitive edge.

Increase win rates with a conversation intelligence platform for sales

In sales today, video meetings, digital self-service, and conversations in outbound call centers are the channels where deals get done. These interactions can also be a goldmine of information about your prospects and customers, providing your sales team and sales call center with a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't when it comes to closing sales.

A conversation intelligence platform for sales is the key to harnessing those insights. By analyzing 100% of conversations with prospects – including voice and text-based interactions – your teams can gain actionable insight into everything from intel on competitors to the emotion and intention driving buyer behavior.

CallMiner can help. CallMiner Eureka delivers an industry-leading conversation intelligence platform that can mine insight from every interaction with prospects and customers to help improve sales effectiveness and increase sales conversions.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The power of a conversation intelligence platform for sales

Conversation intelligence software captures the unstructured information in all the channels your sales teams use to communicate – calls, emails, chat, and others – converting this information into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. By analyzing language patterns, key emotional indicators, competitor mentions, and more, a conversation intelligence platform for sales delivers deep insight into the needs and expectations of prospects and the performance of sales reps. With this information, sales teams can better overcome objections and address the needs of prospects, and sales managers can identify effective opportunities for coaching.

CallMiner Eureka provides:

• Analytics-driven training. CallMiner makes it easy to deconstruct sales calls and provide reps with examples of effective approaches, arming them with language and conversations that win.

• Key insights. Managers can use customizable dashboards to analyze deal outcomes, sales effectiveness, and pipeline health.

• Easy integration. CallMiner provides easy ingestion methods for data acquisition and integrates seamlessly with existing CRMs, dialers, and other sales solutions.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

The global leader in conversational intelligence, CallMiner provides the industry's most comprehensive cloud call center software platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. As a conversation intelligence platform for sales, CallMiner Eureka reveals meaningful insight from interactions with prospects at scale, delivering the intelligence sales managers and teams need to drive revenue, improve sales cycles, increase win rates, and gain a competitive edge.

With the CallMiner conversation intelligence platform for sales, organizations can:

• Improve results. Use insights from customer conversations to increase opportunities and win rates.

• Personalize communication. Deliver personalized content and experiences to prospects by leveraging insights into their needs and preferences.

• Manage metrics. Give sales leaders access to top line performance metrics at the press of a button with customizable dashboards.

• Track progress. Gain visibility into the performance of teams and individuals while accurately tracking pipeline health, deal progression, and milestones.

• Strength and training. Understand what's working and what's not in sales conversations and use that knowledge to train and encourage effective behaviors.

• Understand opportunities. Leverage insights to gain visibility into sales opportunities and understand which leads are more likely to turn into sales.

The CallMiner Eureka platform

As a conversation intelligence platform for sales, CallMiner Eureka offers a set of solutions that provide comprehensive solutions for mining conversations with prospects and customers.

• Analyze. Transcribe, categorize, and score every interaction with prospects and customers to identify the most impactful insights for sales effectiveness. Gain visibility into the sales journey across calls, email, chat, and other channels.

• Alert. Automatically alert agents or supervisors of next-best actions when indicators suggest a prospect or customer is at risk of abandoning a deal or conversation.

• Coach. Monitor, understand, and optimize sales rep performance at scale. Provide managers with a deep understanding of interactions between reps and prospects to identify performance trends, target behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and create a persistent culture of improvement.

• Capture. Collect high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio to improve the quality and accuracy of transcriptions and analytics.

• Visualize. Visually explore conversation intelligence data with shareable presentations and easy- to-use reports that allow users to drill down into the details of individual reps and the behavior of prospects.

• Redact. Automatically remove sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from audio transcriptions and text-based communications.

Why CallMiner?

With expertise developed over 2 decades of innovation and billions of hours of mining customer conversations, CallMiner provides conversation intelligence technology that is trusted by the world’s leading organizations. Companies in fields such as financial services, insurance, retail, health care, travel, hospitality, and others turn to CallMiner to develop meaningful insight from customer interactions at scale. The CallMiner Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, interpreting nuance, uncovering patterns, and identifying traits that reveal new areas of opportunity for sales and business growth. By connecting the dots between insight and action, CallMiner enables companies to drive transformational improvement and business change.

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Conversation intelligence is a technology powered by AI and machine learning that captures and analyzes voice and text-based interactions with customers and prospects. By capturing the unstructured information in these exchanges and transforming it into structured data that can be searched and analyzed, a conversation intelligence technology enables businesses to mine conversations for insight into customer desires, needs, opinions, and expectations. With this intelligence, businesses can act to better serve the needs of customers, creating better experiences and driving satisfaction.

A conversation intelligence platform for sales uses AI and machine learning technologies to capture and analyze interactions with prospects and customers. By mining these conversations for insights and actionable intelligence, companies can increase sales results, improve sales team readiness, and enhance forecasting effectiveness.

Speech analytics is a technology that is focused exclusively on analyzing audio conversations. Conversation intelligence analyzes both audio and text-based interactions.


Not only were our sales calls faster, but we were actually getting more money from each call as well.

Carl Stuerke

Director of Operations, Slimware Utilities


Speech analysis helped us establish a lack of value delivery during sales calls and gaps in language fluency. We armed our agents with shorter, more value-driven scripts. Additionally, we provided longer training cycles before agents got on the phone. The results have been great.

Ed Lee

Business Analyst, Slimware Utilities