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Improve CX with conversation analytics

Analyze 100% of customer conversations with CallMiner’s Eureka platform and use those insights to create better customer experiences.

Enhance the customer journey by analyzing every customer interaction

Delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) is critical to competitiveness today. To better understand the needs and behavior of their customers, many companies are turning to conversation analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Conversation analytics enables you to capture insights from every interaction on every channel – phone, chat, email, social, SMS, and surveys. By analyzing conversations for intent, action, and emotion via unsolicited feedback collected through these interactions, you can empower your contact center agents to enhance the customer journey and provide your business with the intelligence to change processes, policies, and products and make more informed decisions that impact customer relationships.

CallMiner is a leading provider of conversation analytics and call center technology that can dramatically improve customer experiences. As a comprehensive conversational analytics solution, CallMiner enables you to listen to and learn from 100% of your customer interactions on any channel.

How to Drive Business Improvements with Customer Insights

Mining intelligence through conversation analytics

By capturing and analyzing every interaction, conversation analytics lets you discover what customers truly want. You’ll not only hear what they’re saying, you’ll get insight into the context and emotional content of the call as well. Superior conversation analytics enables you to automatically tag language connected to certain emotions as well as words and phrases that provide insight into causes of issues and responses from agents. By measuring stress levels, voice inflection, speed of speech, and silence within a call, you can identify churn-likely behavior and alert your agents to take the next-best-possible action.

Conversation analytics can also empower your agents to guide customers to better experiences. A superior analytics solution can:

Deflect calls and provide self-service options to significantly reduce the number of calls that reach your agents.

Optimize coaching and help call center managers identify agents who need additional coaching in specific areas.

Reduce agent churn by identifying gaps in knowledge and the causes of underperformance.

Resolve issues faster with AI-based, real-time script diversions that provide next-step suggestions.

Conversation analytics technology from CallMiner

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform offers best-of-breed technology to transform the voice of your customers and agents into operational intelligence at scale. Featuring automated performance, sentiment and emotion scoring, topic discovery, and trend presentation, our Eureka platform delivers insights into the key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as agent compliance verification.

Eureka provides a set of solutions that transform your customer’s voice and multichannel interactions into structured data for insights into the quality of the customer experience. Word and phrase identification along with sentiment analysis and topic identification create awareness of customer experiences and contact center issues.

With conversation analytics and CallMiner, you can:

• Capture customer data with the most flexible and comprehensible approach to capturing and analyzing conversation data. Our platform supports integration with all the leading call recorders and text-based communication systems.

• Optimize customer engagement by analyzing every interaction on every channel. Follow your customers’ journeys across all channels and capture information across a multitude of platforms.

• Use sentiment & emotion analysis to measure relative sentiment or emotion through a cross-sections of calls, agent groups, and time frames. Gain critical insight into rapidly growing customer service issues and swiftly identify and act on the root cause of issues.

• Rely on automated call categorization to more easily identify, count, and trend contacts containing similar characteristics.

• Aggregate interaction metrics with automated call scoring to measure any key aspect of business performance. Improve overall agent quality by pinpointing call center issues quickly, and boost customer satisfaction through better understanding of pain points, issues, and successes.

• Drill deeper into customer conversations with flexible analysis. Go beyond predefined solutions by searching and filtering any piece of conversational data. Make data available for third-party data stores, custom reporting, and use with third-party business intelligence or analytics tools.

• Scale efficiently for extremely large enterprise data sets. Our platform has been battle tested in some of the largest contact centers in the world and proven to offer the lowest total cost of ownership when considering processing, data scale, and system use.

• Redact sensitive data from calls – including credit card numbers, location information, and other private data – to maintain compliance with PCI and other regulatory frameworks.

Conversation analytics create enterprise-wide value

With CallMiner’s comprehensive conversation analytics solution, you can gain deep understanding into customer needs and wants and make better decisions in all areas of business.


Gain better understanding into how customers feel about the marketing communications they receive. With insight into customer sentiment about messages, campaigns, and tactics, marketers can make better decisions about future efforts and share clearer information about the company on websites and social media profiles.


Learn more about how specific sales, upsell, and cross-sell interactions resonate with customers. Improve the performance of every agent by identifying which interactions are perceived by customers and prospects as helpful vs. unhelpful or irritating.


Get insight into customer opinions about existing products and services as well as ideas for new offerings. Leverage the opinions and insights that customers share with contact center agents to more effectively understand what customers want and how products can better serve their needs


Enable your finance department to make payment interactions as easy as possible for customers. Analyze feedback provided to contact center agents to understand customers’ most common pain points and make better decisions about removing friction from financial transactions.

Risk & Compliance

Reduce risk and improve compliance training by measuring how well your agents do and say the things required by regulations in areas like finance and healthcare.

Why customers love CallMiner

Founded in 2002, CallMiner has pioneered the speech analytics industry. With billions of hours of conversations mined, we provide exceptional value to customers by delivering highly effective, usable, and scalable conversation analytics solutions.

Our organizational agility allows us to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers. In fact, over 300 customer-requested features have been added to our products. Our customer success team brings years of hands-on experience to every customer engagement.

Our customer success organization helps to ensure that customers realize ROI with our platform. From developing a roadmap and documenting key business goals to supporting execution with best practice expertise, we provide the support and assistance our customers need to ensure they achieve their business objectives though our trademarked Continuum Maturity Model. That’s why CallMiner is ranked by Forrester as a leader among speech analytics vendors.

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Frequently asked questions.

Conversation analytics is a technology commonly used in contact centers. Conversation analytics solutions rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe speech, convert it into data, and score conversations against important KPIs. By extracting insight into the content of conversations and the emotions and opinions of callers, conversation analytics enables companies to better understand the wants and needs of their customers and to take swift action to create better customer experiences.

Conversation analytics can be used to drive improvement in call center KPIs. The most important KPIs include average handle time (AHT), or the average amount of time it takes an agent to complete one transaction. First response time (FRT) is the time customers are on hold before speaking to an agent for the first time. First contact resolution (FCR) is the percentage of first contacts during which a customer’s needs were met without requiring a second contact. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a customer experience metric that shows how satisfied customers are with a company’s products or services.

Sentiment analysis is a type of conversation analytics that analyzes speech to determine the attitudes and opinions of a speaker in a conversation. Sentiment analysis combines the text and context of a conversation with acoustic analysis of the inflection in a speaker’s voice. By scoring the content, context, and acoustics, sentiment analysis can help companies better understand the wants and needs of customers and provide agents with real-time prompts that help to defuse situations and resolve issues.


Conversation analytics kicks open the doors of what’s possible for us. We were able to quickly and consistently add value and demonstrate insight across departments.

Colin Whelan

Head of workforce optimisation, Hoist Finance