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How to Use Engagement Analytics to Measure Customer Satisfaction

By embracing and deploying customer engagement analytics, companies can overcome the shortcomings inherent to relying exclusively on surveys.

3 best practices for first call resolution

Today’s competitive consumer marketplace demands that customer-facing companies adopt strategies to foster meaningful interactions with customers.

Top 3 Reasons Your Call Center Needs Customer Engagement Analytics

More executives are turning to advanced analytics to measure customer and agent interactions and ensure their call centers are performing at a high le...

How Does Collections Analytics Improve Agent Performance?

Think, for a moment, about the last time you had an exceptional experience as a customer. What stood out to you? What do you remember the most?

How Does Contact Analytics Improve Agent Performance?

When was the last time you had an exceptional experience as a customer?

3 Reasons Every Call Center Needs an Contact Center Operations Dashboard

An agent performance dashboard is an ideal solution for improving agent performance and the customer experience. Read why.

How Do You Define Call Center Adherence Best Practices?

In the call center, it is critical to make the most of your agents’ time. Read more about call center adherence best practices from industry experts.

5 Call Center Agent Performance Metrics You Need Right Now

Having the right call center performance metrics in place can improve agent performance and the overall customer experience. Learn how.

Exploring gamification for health care payment collections

Gamified payment collection would be a great fit for many health care providers.

Maintaining compliance in inbound customer service call centers

Compliance doesn’t just happen – call centers need to deploy the right tools and strategies.

What Are the Best Contact Center KPIs for Your Operation?

In order to drive a better customer experience, call centers must have the proper KPIs in place. CallMiner has outlined some of the best metrics to he...

Three most important factors for contact center success

For any contact center to thrive, its decision-makers need to have the right priorities.

7 Call Center Best Practices from Industry Experts

To uncover some of the best ways to drive call center efficiency, CallMiner compiled a list of call center best practices from industry experts. Read ...

How to Maintain Contact Center Compliance [Resource Guide]

Companies that regularly handling financial transactions have a responsibility to protect consumer data. Here’s how to maintain PCI compliance in the ...

How Collection Analytics Drives Improved Call Center Performance

Contact centers face the constant challenge of maximizing payments while staying up to date with compliance rules and regulations. Here’s how collecti...

Ask the Experts: What Is Your Speech Analytics Definition?

It’s helpful to review speech analytics definitions to determine the right solution for your business’ individual needs. Here’s what the experts have ...

Using call center analytics to generate revenue

When utilized effectively, call center analytics can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Voice Analytics Technology

Voice analytics technology may offer considerable business benefits, but many organizations simply don’t know much about it. Here’s a look 5 unknown f...

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