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Is Your Data Being Held Hostage (by your Speech Analytics Vendor?


The Team at CallMiner

April 12, 2018

Woman looking at graphic of circuit board with padlock
Woman looking at graphic of circuit board with padlock

Many call centers utilize speech analytics solutions because it helps streamline their overall operations and better track agent performance. When you decide to invest in a solution, you trust that your data will be kept safe from hackers and cybercriminals. In most cases, you don’t think about what will happen if you choose to switch vendors later on. Some speech analytics vendors don’t make it easy for customers to move their information to another provider.

Some speech analytics vendors ask clients to first pay a substantial fee to access and download their data to make a switch.  This is too often not something they openly share with potential customers in the beginning stages, causing a substantial shock when they explain the costs and process at the time of the request.

Why do vendors hold data hostage?

There are multiple theories on why some analytics vendors choose to hold customer data hostage. The first is that they are no longer in the business of acquiring customers, but instead they are focused on retaining them. Any savvy business professional knows it costs much less to retain a customer than to market and attract a new one. The other theory is vendors are looking for ways to quickly increase revenue. When they stand between you and your company data, they call shots and justify additional fees.

Questions to ask before choosing a speech analytics vendor

To avoid becoming a victim of data hostage by your vendor, there are questions you can ask before choosing one.

Do you utilize a closed or open SQL database?

Every speech analytics vendor builds their software solution in a unique way. Some use a closed database, and others use an open one. If a vendor uses a closed database, it typically means accessing your information isn’t an easy process and could require another vendor to step in and transfer the information.

Are there any hidden fees if I decide to switch vendors?

Ask the vendor on day one if they charge any fees for switching vendors or to access, change, or download your data. Request their answers in writing so you can refer to it if necessary later on. If they state that they do charge fees, ask if they can waive the potential fees and make it part of your contract.

Can I access my data at any time?

Knowing what to expect if the need to access your data down the road minimizes any unwanted surprises and delays in the process.

Does your solution easily integrate with other call center solutions?

Some call centers utilize multiple software solutions to fully manage their daily activities. Making sure they all integrate cohesively together before making a decision minimizes stress in the event they don’t.

Why is open access essential?

There are two main reasons you want to choose a vendor that uses an open-access database.

1. Data is crucial.

Today, data rules in our evolving business world. It needs to be accessible by your company at all times so you can review, sort, and manage the information to create better outcomes. When a vendor limits your ability to do so, it fuels the need for additional professional services and limits your independence which can negatively impact your overall business success.

Look for a speech analytics vendor that wants to build a relationship with you, and avoid those that want to build walls around accessing your data or charge you additional fees for services.

2. Regulations are ever changing.

Depending on what industry you are in, the number of regulations in addition to those set by FTC, FCC, and the impending GDPR can be extensive. Some regulations, such as new GDPR laws require that you distribute data requests to customers in a certain timeframe or delete their entire file. Remaining compliant with these regulations is much easier if you have access to your company data.

Choosing a speech analytics vendor that uses an open-access database is vital mainly because it is your information, not the vendors. It should never cost you additional fees to access it. At CallMiner, we use an open system that customers always have access to at no additional fees. According to Gartner, 50% of businesses will reject solutions that contractually inhibit their ability to extract their own data. As a business owner, it makes sense to take a stand against having your data be held hostage.

What questions did you ask your speech analytics and other vendors to ensure unhindered access to your data? Contact us today! 

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