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The importance of brand experience in contact centers


The Team at CallMiner

June 04, 2024

contact center brand experience
contact center brand experience

Contact centers are responsible for much more than simply waiting for customer phone calls or live chats throughout the day. Agents are also responsible for managing the brand experience in contact centers by representing your brand thoughtfully and going above and beyond to build trust, loyalty, and relationships with customers.

The CMO's Guide to Driving Brand Loyalty and Value
The CMO's Guide to Driving Brand Loyalty and Value
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Keep reading as we explore the connection between brand experience and contact centers.

In this article:

  • What is brand experience?
  • The relationship between brand experience and contact centers
  • Improve brand experience in your contact center with conversation intelligence
  • Frequently asked questions

What is brand experience?

Brand experience is the synopsis of how the general public and your customers feel about your brand. It includes several factors, including the mood you set on social media, the popularity of your products or services, and the experience customers have when they visit your stores or contact customer support.

Brands with positive brand experiences tend to have more loyalty and trust. A positive brand experience typically means that customers feel good about placing orders or interacting with your brand. Maintaining a consistent brand image of being helpful, reliable, and valuable can help you build a positive brand experience.

The relationship between brand experience and contact centers

Contact centers are largely responsible for maximizing customer experience when they need to contact a company. The contact center experience plays a role in brand experience and management, as customers are more likely to believe in a brand when they have positive experiences with that brand.

Here’s how brand experience and contact centers collaborate.

Customers expect a brand to be available when they need it

Contact centers are designed to offer extended availability to a brand’s customers across multiple channels, including phone, email, support ticketing, live chat, and social media. Customers typically expect this availability when they need to contact a company, whether they have a question, an issue with a product, or are considering buying something.

When brands partner with contact centers to provide multiple contact methods and support service hours for customers, they can quickly meet customers’ needs and resolve complaints—a key brand crisis management tactic to proactively respond to potential issues.

Contact centers are the largest point of contact for a brand’s customers

If your brand uses a contact center for customer support, that contact center is often the first and largest point of contact for your customers. In many ways, a support team becomes the face of the company, as customers tend to associate their experiences with support with their overall feelings toward a brand.

Contact centers that provide helpful, friendly, and prompt service to a brand’s customers have the power to increase customer satisfaction and, therefore, improve brand experience.

An experience with a contact center can affect brand loyalty

When customers have positive experiences with a brand’s contact center, they’re likely to feel more loyal to that brand. That’s because they believe they can trust the brand to help them when needed and to provide reliable support for their products or services.

Since the contact center is the primary contact point for customers of a brand, the service it provides customers can directly influence brand loyalty and experience.

Contact centers can gather crucial insights about brand experience

Contact centers that use conversation intelligence software continuously monitor brand experience by collecting data and insights from customer conversations.

Conversation intelligence software monitors every customer interaction to learn what customers like about a product, at what points they become frustrated or happy during the customer journey, and more.

These are powerful insights that brands can use as feedback to improve brand experience through informed support, sales, and marketing strategies.

Improve brand experience in your contact center with conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence software captures the necessary insights that brands need to build and maintain a positive brand experience through their contact centers. This technology pulls data from conversations across all channels, from phone calls to social media messages, so brands can make informed decisions based on customer feedback.

Request a CallMiner demo today to learn more about the benefits of implementing conversation intelligence software to enhance the brand experience.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between brand experience and customer experience?

Customer experience is a culmination of a customer's feelings during their buyer journey and while receiving support from a company. Brand experience includes customer experience but is a summary of all customer feelings toward a brand, from its sales and marketing strategies to support and everything in between.

What is the main focus of a contact center?

The primary focus of a contact center is to provide support for customers, whether they have a quick question or need in-depth guidance on using a product or service effectively. Contact centers are often the first point of contact for a brand, so they are responsible for representing the brand’s values and mission.

How can a brand measure brand experience?

Brands measure brand experience by gathering customer feedback through multiple channels, such as surveys, social media posts, or data from conversation intelligence software.

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