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The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform lets you capture and analyze 100% of interactions with customers to gain insight into brand awareness, perception, and loyalty.

How to automate brand insight and innovation

Managing your brand today is trickier than ever. Your customers have more ways to engage with your brand, and they expect greater personalization and exceptional experiences. Tracking and measuring engagement across multiple channels requires superior brand experience software that can simplify tasks and automate data collection.

The right brand experience software should also help you mine customer conversations for brand insight. Every day, your customers share with employees and agents their positive and negative feelings about your brand. By listening carefully, you can unlock new levels of brand intelligence that can help improve messaging, optimize campaigns, manage crises, and enhance brand sentiment.

CallMiner can help. As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, CallMiner offers the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. The CallMiner Eureka platform makes it easy to automatically capture, analyze, and score 100% of conversations with customers to create more personal connections and stronger brand loyalty.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence enables personalization

When customers share information with your brand, they expect consistent, personalized experiences across every channel in return. Satisfying these expectations requires brand experience software that can integrate data from multiple channels, even when those channels themselves are disconnected and siloed.

Conversation intelligence promotes personalization by capturing and analyzing conversations on every channel. Whether your agents are interacting with customers via phone, chat, email, SMS, surveys, or social media, superior brand experience software automatically captures and interprets the meaning of a customer’s words as well as the emotion and sentiment behind their behavior. By converting the unstructured information in customer conversations into structured data that can be searched and analyzed, the best brand experience software can deliver deeper and actionable insight into what customers want from your brand – and how best to deliver it.

Armed with this information, your brand and marketing teams can identify what parts of the branded customer journey are creating friction, and how you can improve the brand experience at every touchpoint.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka reveals meaningful insight from customer interactions at scale, providing your brand management teams with the insight and intelligence to drive greater brand value and loyalty. Through automated performance scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery, Eureka helps connect the dots between insight and action to identify opportunities for delivering improved customer brand experiences.

As brand experience software, CallMiner Eureka enables you to:

• Understand how your brand is perceived in the minds of target audiences.

• Analyze strengths and weaknesses and use competitive brand intelligence to assess threats.

• Improve the outcome of brand and marketing campaigns by identifying which messages and channels resonate best with target audiences.

• Discover the drivers of attraction and dissatisfaction with branded customer experiences.

• Monitor and analyze changing brand sentiment on all channels to avoid or manage brand crises.

• Keep track of how changes in company policy and practices impact the brand and customer experience.

Brand experience software with comprehensive capabilities

As a brand experience software platform, CallMiner Eureka delivers the tools and capabilities to connect the dots between interactions, brand insights, and actions that drive better customer experiences.

Analyze, the mission control center for the Eureka platform, makes it easy to automatically score 100% of audio and text-based interactions to identify the insights that will impact brand innovation.

Coach automates agent performance improvement by identifying performance trends, targeting agent behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and delivering a deeper understanding into agent customer interactions.

Alert provides automatic, real-time notification when certain indicators suggest a customer is at risk or a conversation is headed in the wrong direction. Through next-best action guidance and immediate attention, Alert helps to de-escalate conversations and improve customer experiences.

Capture enhances transcription accuracy by enabling stereo for speaker separation with uncompressed audio acquisition at scale.

Visualize allows users to explore conversation intelligence data visually and create shareable presentations that demand attention and encourage action.

Redact protects customer privacy by automatically scrubbing sensitive information from audio and text conversations.

Record provides live monitoring and instantaneous playback in a full-featured recorder.

Screen Record empowers front-line agents and managers with greater visibility into every aspect of interaction customers.

Why CallMiner?

The CallMiner Eureka platform is built on two decades of innovation and the experience gained from mining billions of hours of customer conversations. Eureka analyzes interactions at the deepest level, interpreting nuance, identifying emotion, and spotting patterns that reveal new opportunities and potential threats. No other platform delivers more customizable solutions or a deeper understanding of customers to drive improved business outcomes.

CallMiner Eureka enables your brand and marketing teams to:

Achieve results faster. Turnkey integrations, packaged content, and self-serve customization make it easy to reach objectives sooner.

Work with agile technology. Our open API and artificial intelligence technology allow us to deliver agile solutions, predictive modeling, and flexible integration.

Ensure ROI. Our Playbooks, automated solutions, dedicated support services, and enthusiastic community of users help our customers to achieve greater ROI.

Integrate with existing technology. The CallMiner Eureka platform is agnostic to the system that captures data and supports integration with all market-leading technologies for call recorders, chat, email systems, and popular social media sites.

Analyze omnichannel conversations. With CallMiner, you can capture and analyze the voices of your customers across all your communication channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A brand experience is the sum of all the interactions and impressions that a customer has with a company’s brand. These experiences may include the brand messaging and advertising a customer has viewed, interactions with a company’s employees and agents, and use of a brand’s products and services.

Brand experience software is designed to help companies collect and analyze data about the quality of experiences that customers have with a brand. Superior brand software aggregates data from a wide range of sources to provide real-time KPIs and critical intelligence that can help to shape brand marketing campaigns and improve communications with target audiences.

Conversation intelligence is a technology for capturing and analyzing interactions with customers across all text-based and audio channels. By collecting and scoring the unsolicited feedback about a brand that customers offer in conversations with employees, conversation intelligence technology can provide brand experience software with comprehensive and real-time data to develop a deeper understanding of brand sentiment and loyalty.


We have been able to use the CallMiner platform to help us meet our organizational goals and focus more on customer experience.

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