Brand Crisis Management

Protect your brand by optimizing crisis communications

The CallMiner Eureka platform captures 100% of conversations across all channels to provide real-time insight into customer sentiment about your brand.

The key to effective brand crisis management

With the speed of digital communications and 24/7 feedback loops with customers, your brand can experience a crisis in no time at all. Seemingly minor concerns from customers can quickly snowball, and negative news coverage can magnify an issue into a full-blown brand crisis.

Capturing and monitoring customer conversations to understand brand sentiment is the most effective way to stay on top of brand crisis management. By understanding what your customers are saying about your brand in real-time, you can head off potential issues before they reach a crisis level. And by identifying which messages and channels will resonate best with your target audience, you can optimize communications to resolve crises quickly and favorably.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform enables you to monitor, capture, analyze, and score 100% of customer interactions at scale. By analyzing these interactions at the deepest level, CallMiner interprets nuance and identifies patterns to provide more accurate brand feedback, allowing you to identify changing trends and successfully avoid or manage brand crises.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence informs brand crisis management

A brand crisis can erupt suddenly when a product fails very visibly or when bad news puts your brand squarely in the public eye. But often, a large-scale crisis is the result of a series of smaller issues that, had they been addressed earlier, might have been prevented from growing into a major problem.

When your brand experiences a crisis, your teams must respond quickly to assess the issues and contain the damage. In these tense moments, a wrong move can lead to an even larger crisis. Understanding how customers feel about your brand is critical. Unless you have a clear and real-time sense of the depth of brand sentiment, you won’t to know whether the issue is something serious that can affect the bottom line – or if it’s just a false alarm that may quickly resolve without unnecessary attention.

Superior brand crisis management enables your teams to strike the right tone with customers in ways that not only address their complaints but also build more powerful connections. Conversation intelligence technology is essential for this task, delivering a clear understanding of what customers are saying and how their concerns can best be addressed.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, driving business performance improvement by providing the insight required to make better business decisions. Powered by AI and machine learning, the CallMiner Eureka platform analyzes omnichannel customer interactions at scale to reveal deeper understanding of every conversation.

CallMiner provides all the tools required for superior brand crisis management.

• Discover what matters most to your customers with Analyze, the cornerstone of the Eureka platform. Analyze transcribes speaker-separated text, categorizes it, makes it discoverable, and automatically scores it to provide key brand insights and brand KPIs.

• Visually explore conversation intelligence data with Visualize, a tool for creating shareable presentations that reveal brand and customer experience both as a big picture story and through impactful details.

• Automate agent performance improvement with Coach, a solution that makes it easier to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale.

• Provide real-time guidance that drives better outcomes with RealTime, a technology that automatically notifies agents and supervisors when certain customer conversations require intervention to prevent negative outcomes.

• Automatically remove sensitive data from conversations with Redact, a solution for protecting private data in text and audio conversations.

• Improve transcription and analytics with Record, a full-featured recorder that delivers live monitoring and instantaneous playback.

• Gain visibility into customer interactions with Screen Record, a solution that records interactions with customers to drive insight into agent effectiveness.

Benefits for brand crisis management

When managing crisis communications with CallMiner Eureka, you can: • Identify warning signs earlier that may predict potential brand crises.

• Proactively respond to and resolve issues before they become crises.

• Uncover customer concerns about product safety sooner, enabling your product and brand teams to avoid negative brand developments.

• Use analysis of customer interactions to understand the most significant brand-related topics and trends, tracking changes in hot topics in real time.

• Monitor changes in sentiment by tracking customer responses to emerging policies and new company practices.

• Uncovered key drivers of brand health.

• Deliver brand insights to other KPI dashboards, making it easier to evaluate the overall impact of insights on brand strategy and bottom-line metrics.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka business intelligence products are trusted by the world’s leading organizations in industries such as finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, travel, hospitality, and others. Our technology is built on the expertise and experience we’ve amassed in nearly two decades of mining billions of customer conversations. As the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale, Eureka enables businesses to connect the dots between insights and action to drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change.

CallMiner Eureka delivers:

Higher velocity. Achieve faster time to value by working with turnkey integrations, packaged content, and self-serve customization.

Improved agility. Our AI technology and open API allow us to deliver agile solutions with predictive modeling and flexible integration.

Stronger ROI. Our customers rely on automation, Playbooks, exceptional support services, and a collaborative community of users to achieve greater results.

Increased flexibility. CallMiner Eureka integrates with all market-leading call recorder, chat, and email systems as well as popular social networking sites.

Greater breadth. Our platform works across all communication channels to capture and analyze 100% of conversations customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A brand crisis occurs when unexpected events, customer complaints, damaging news, negative claims, or bad PR about a brand become well-publicized, adversely impacting public perception of the brand.

Brand crisis management is the set of actions and communications that a company undertakes when its brand experiences a crisis. Brand crisis management typically involves assessing and controlling damage to a brand and taking steps to restore public confidence in a company’s brand value.

Conversation intelligence allows companies to monitor and capture conversations between customers and employees across all channels. By analyzing and scoring these interactions, companies can gain an accurate and real-time understanding of how customers perceive the brand and what steps may be taken to improve brand sentiment.


CallMiner lets us enable our agents with real-time guidance to draw attention to what’s actually happening. This helps us encourage and drive active listening skills, while also guiding the agent to take appropriate action.

Sabine Harrison

Contact Center Director, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic