Sales & Performance Marketing

Learn how speech analytics, conversation recordings and transcripts can help you establish business performance metrics and help sales teams improve their playbooks.

Dialog Direct Delivers Significant Sales and Process Improvement with Speech Analytics

Dialog Direct was able to utilize CallMiner throughout their contact center to increase close rates, decrease training time, and create better custome...

30 Marketing Pros & Data Analysts Reveal How Marketing Data Analysts Can Better Impact Marketing ROI

Marketing analysts are often expected to predict the future, and, fortunately, tools like interaction analytics are available that can help them do ju...

Top marketing analytics presentations

For all of the benefits of using marketing analytics, many companies and senior marketing executives continue to struggle with implementing marketing ...

Marketing Data Analysis Tips: 51 Marketing Data Analysis Tips and Tricks, Analysis Techniques, and More

We’ve rounded up 51 marketing data analysis techniques and tips from leading data analysts to help you take actions that generate results.

The Most Important Algorithms for Marketing Data Analysts to Understand

Search engine and social media algorithms determine how a brand’s content performs online. Learn which algorithms matter the most to marketing data an...

Top Marketing and Analytics Podcasts: 50 Informative, Entertaining Podcasts on Marketing and Analytics from the Most Influential Podcasters and Industry Experts

We’ve put together this list of 50 top marketing and analytics podcasts to make the search a bit less painful for you.

41 Marketing and Sales Experts Reveal the Most Under-Utilized Way to Capture the Voice of the Customer and How to Better Leverage It

To learn about the various methods for capturing the VoC that go overlooked by customer-facing organizations, we asked a panel of experts to weigh in.

How Collection Analytics Drives Improved Call Center Performance

Contact centers face the constant challenge of maximizing payments while staying up to date with compliance rules and regulations. Here’s how collecti...

Using call center analytics to generate revenue

When utilized effectively, call center analytics can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line.

5 Ways to Deliver Constructive (and Motivating) Feedback to Your Sales Team

Take a look at 5 ways to deliver constructive (and motivating) feedback to your sales teams, improving agent performance and the customer experience.

Using Speech Analytics to Improve Sales Effectiveness for Agents

For performance marketers, the contact center plays a crucial role. Here are 3 ways speech analytics can improve agent performance in sales-based call...

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