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What is Real Time Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is a technology that can capture, transcribe, and analyze verbal conversations, transforming the unstructured information in speech into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. Real-time speech analytics performs these tasks as conversations are taking place. Speech analytics can also be performed on recorded audio.

What is speech analytics used for?

Speech analytics is most often used in contact centers to help businesses provide a better customer experience. Using speech analytics to capture conversations between customers and contact center agents, businesses can gain insight into customers' wants, needs, opinions, and experiences.

How does real-time speech analytics work?

Real-time speech analytics relies on several technologies to transform spoken conversation into data and insight. Natural language processing (NLP) technology captures and transcribes language as it is spoken. At the same time, acoustical analytics evaluates signals such as tempo, agitation, and silence to identify the emotion behind a speaker’s words. Machine-learning technologies search the transcribed text for certain words or patterns, categorizing and tagging parts of conversations to aid analytics. Speech analytics technology can also automatically score each conversation based on weighted rules. Scoring enables contact centers to immediately evaluate agent performance, determine customer satisfaction, identify emotion, and issue alerts if a conversation appears to be headed in the wrong direction.

What is real-time speech analytics used for during customer calls?

Real-time speech analytics provides insights during conversations that can help agents resolve customer needs more effectively and improve the outcomes of calls. Real-time analytics allows supervisors to monitor calls in progress and provide real-time coaching to improve agent performance.

What is real-time speech analytics used for in contact center performance?

By providing agents and supervisors with in-the-moment insights, real-time speech analytics helps improve call center metrics, including reducing average handle time (AHT), minimizing customer effort scores (CES), improving first call resolution (FCR) rates, and enhancing customer satisfaction (CSAT).

What is real-time speech analytics used for in sales?

Real-time speech analytics solutions improve sales effectiveness by providing next-best-action guidance for sales teams along with in-the-moment suggestions for upsell and cross-sell opportunities that can increase revenue.

What is real-time speech analytics vs. voice analytics?

Many businesses consider speech analytics and voice analytics to mean the same thing. Others consider speech analytics to be the technology that pinpoints what a person is saying, and voice analytics to be the technology that analyzes how something is said.

What is real-time speech analytics vs. text analytics?

While speech analytics captures insight from spoken conversations, text analytics determines the meaning and sentiment of written conversations in email, social media, chat, SMS, and other channels.

What is real-time speech analytics vs. conversation analytics?

Conversation analytics encompasses both speech and text analytics, enabling companies to analyze conversations with customers across all channels. Omnichannel conversational analytics can track the customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, allowing businesses to understand how customer needs are met – or not – at every touchpoint.

What are the benefits of real-time speech analytics for gaining customer insight?

Compared to traditional techniques for measuring the customer experience, real-time speech analytics provides more comprehensive and immediate insight. Traditional methods like surveys and focus groups sample only a small fraction of customers, and results are often tainted by respondents who are driven by highly positive or negative opinions. Manual review of call recordings – another traditional approach – also covers a small percentage of customers and may take weeks to return data. In contrast, real-time speech analytics delivers insights instantly based on 100% of customer conversations. And because it captures large amounts of unsolicited feedback, speech analytics provides a richer and more nuanced picture of what customers want and need.

What is real-time speech analytics with CallMiner Eureka?

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence that drives business performance improvement. The CallMiner Eureka platform enables organizations to analyze 100% of customer conversations in calls, chat, email, SMS, surveys, social media, and other channels. By revealing meaningful insight from these interactions at scale, CallMiner delivers the intelligence that businesses need to make better decisions. CallMiner’s industry-leading technology includes real-time speech and text analytics along with solutions for coaching agents, alerting supervisors to at risk calls, capturing speaker-separated audio, redacting sensitive information in transcriptions, and visually exploring conversation analytics data.